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Primark Flora Exotica Ea de Toilette Review


As I was waiting for a friend to try on some clothes in Primark I had a little sniff of the fragrances they had on offer. There were a couple that I liked the smell of but this one was just so summery I had to grab it. £6 is a fairly decent price for 50ml too.



The little tropical print inside the bottle reminds me of this tropical feature wall that was in my sister’s bedroom when we first moved into our house. The couple who lived there before us had used her room as a tanning studio with a huge tanning bed and the whole deal right next door to their bedroom! It was a little bit nostalgic to see.

The shape of the bottle is similar to the Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme which is my absolute favourite perfume hence why I was drawn to the tester. I have a real thing about simple perfume bottles that are more square/rectangular than rounded with fancy glass designs. When it comes to those straight edges I get all Pokemon about it. Gotta catch ’em all!

So this is just a quick post to say that this scent is lovely for summer. I just recently had my hair done and it’s much longer than I usually go for, I know it’s a traditional fragrance but this is so lush sprayed in hair after it’s been washed. It’s almost as though you’ve just come back from the most perfect holiday abroad and would be perfect (one day) festival perfume. I say one day because from what I’ve seen of British festival weekends on social media, you may need more than a light fragrance to hide the smell of mud and beer! this is a bit more Coachella than Glastonbury!

The overall effects is a fresh and natural scent that is crisp and clean. It’s like a linen/cotton scent with a hint of fruit. If that kind of thing tickles your fancy then I’d jump on this!


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