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Freedom Prime and Set Product Mini Reviews


So, we’re definitely into summer here in the UK and as temperatures get into the late 20’s and 30’s if you’re wearing makeup you’re going to want to make sure it doesn’t attempt to escape from your face. Graduations (whoop), proms and weddings are all coming up so every little helps.

Freedom, a new brand in the UK has all of the products you might need to keep your makeup looking perfect all summer. You can purchase all of the products mentioned directly from their website or through BeautyCrowd who are currently running a 20% off deal when you spend £20 site wide. If you missed the original launch deal on the Freedom site then here’s a second chance for you plus a whole bunch of American cosmetics like Jordana and Milani that we can’t easily get here.

Pro Fixing Spray | £3.50

fixingsprayfreedomIf you’re not a fan of alcohol in your face products then this one is not for you. There are two obvious alcohols listed in the ingredients which contribute t the strong smell of the product but also to how well this spray performs. The spray dries really quickly and locks makeup into place. Even waxy concealers. This spray did minimise my smile lines but didn’t eradicate them. The only issue I had was where my glasses sit on my nose. Because the product fixes product so well, my glasses move my foundation and that means it sets in that position. It makes touch ups in that area impossible unless you have a face wipe to wife that bit and start again. Overall though, it’s a fab product and if you don’t have glasses/smile line issues then I can’t see you having issues.

Pro Eye Primer | £2.50

proprimefreedom1proprimefreedom2This is a salmon hued primer on a standard doe foot applicator. It dries down to a satin finish with a tiny bit of grab. It’s thin an light which makes it perfect for hot days on the lids. This is very similar to the Elf primer only a tiny bit more opaque. If you want nude shadows or even more daring shadows to stay on during the summer then this is a gem.

Pro Mattify Pro Prime | £4.00


These two primers are very similar to the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer  and having used all three, I can’t tell a difference between either. That includes the Freedom Prime and Mattify. All three are essentially the same thing with pretty much the same ingredients listed. All three help makeup glide on much more easily because of the silicon formula. if you have slightly uneven skin then you’ll find this a massive help. I wouldn’t use a waxy concealer with it though. Try something a little dryer or marketed towards normal/ oily skin.

These three products used as part of your ordinary summer routine will truly revolutionise the longevity of your makeup. The fixing spray is a must if anything!

BeautyCrowd Code : SUMMERSTYLE

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