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Quality Affordable Lash Haul


When you  watch as many YouTube videos as us makeup lovers, you get to realise that the perfect pair of lashes really does bring a look together. The only lash experience I’ve had is with Red Cherry lashes and after a bit of experience with those, I’ve come to love Delaney (600) and Peony (747u). However, I fancied branching out without breaking the bank. Over the past month or so i’ve picked up a couple of new styles and so I’m sharing them here so you can see a few of the affordable lash choice currently on offer.



House of GlamDolls DollLift | £5.00

We used these during the Sculpted Beauty course at the GlamAcademy with David Horne and I really liked the delicate and fluttery effect these gave so of course, I had to buy a backup pair. Each packet contains two sets which is great because so many brands give you one pair and charge you the same price as a full lash (*cough* Tanya burr). Including the set that I had on when I left the studio, I now have three gorgeous pairs. I’ve worn one set four times already and they’re still in fab condition.

House of GlamDolls SultryDoll | £5.00

I picked these lashes out because I have a wedding coming up at the beginning of July and thought these would be perfect. They appear to be impeccably made with the “HouseofHorne” seal on the back of the packaging. These lashes lift at the ends just as the DollLift’s do but they also give you added valume in the front as well. It will mean that I can do minimal work on my eyeshadow and let the lashes do the talking on the day.

House of GlamDolls FlutterDoll | £5.00

The FlutterDoll are going to be my ‘I’m clever and I’m graduating but my lashes are fleek as f*ck” lashes. I’m going to march these little wispy beauties up on that stage, shake hands with whoever I need to shake hands with, graduate and bat my little lashes like crazy. Yaaaaaaas! These lashes have little clusters of soft lash perfection. They’re gorgeous in the packet and they’ll be gorgeous on me too. Fingers crossed!

Wilko Drama Lashes | £1.00

These were a random buy for me when I picked up some conditioner and face wipes the other day in Wilko. They remind me a lot of the Primark P.S Love Drama lashes that I can never seem to find anymore. They’re the same price, and practically the same flirty and thin style. I think i’m going to really enjoy these even thought they feel a little bit more ‘plastic’ than the primary ones.

Eye Candy Individual Lashes | £4.99

I always thought when I saw artists like Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury throw on a couple of individual lashes that I’d be able to do it myself too. How hard could it be, right? Apparently very. Especially when you have long nails. Placing individual lashes with tweezers and talons is a nightmare. They twist and dry sideways and you drop them. They get lost in the carpet and just take so damn long (for me) to apply that this one pack will probably never be used by me again. Which is a bummer because I have another unopened one in my stash. I really tried to love individuals but I can’t get the hang of them. – I’ll try again maybe. One day.

These lashes though…. they’re really nice quality and the pack comes with short, medium and long. If I were going to continue fighting with individuals I’d like a few more short ones because for my lashes they’re more like a medium length.

La Beaute Glama Lashes A-79 | £1.99

I’ve searched high and low for these lashes online and can’t find them anywhere which is why I’ve bought ten pairs to take back up North with me when I move in a week. I don’t know what it is about these styles that have thick short lashes at the base that look so flattering on me but I love them. These ones in particular are the exact shape and length of my lid. No poking in the corner, no need to trim ends, no awkward placement. They just pop right into place. Perfect for day or night.

La Beaute Glama Lashes a-30 | £1.99

In all my eagerness I ran into my beauty supply shop and cleared the entire rack of what I thought were all A-79 lashes. Unfortunately, I picked up two pairs of A-30 too. These are the much longer, drag version of the A-79. I’m scared to try them out but I will when I have a bit more of a night time event to attend. I’m not a big one for clubbing but it’s not like lashes go bad, perhaps I’ll become a party girl and get to use them pretty soon.

Despite my little haul, I’m still on the lookout for more quality affordable lashes. Post your recommendations and\or links to posts in the comments so I can have a little read.
Over and out, ladies.

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