B E A U T Y | N A K E D U N D E R N E A T H*

Naked Underneath? You Derty Betch – Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath (Fur) Palette Review w/ Swatches

I’ve been sitting on this one for months! Uni just caught up with me and I slipped so far behind with blogging that a lot of the things I posted about on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) just never seemed to make it to my blog. Plus, I lost the original images when my laptop decided it just fancied dying so….. Continue reading


B E A U T Y | E Y E S H A D O W A R M O R Y*

Freedom Makeup London Mono Eyeshadow Armory – All 30 Shades – Review w/ Swatches


I’m going to ruin in for you now and just say that I LOVE THESE SHADOWS. Keep reading to find out why! 😀

Each of Freedom’s mono shadows cost £1 making them comparable in price to MUA but comparable in quality to Makeup Revolution, Morphe and Makeup Forever. By buying all thirty together, you save £10. That’s right, for 60g of product, you pay only £20. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago during a promotion where if you spend £25 you get £25 worth of free product and I’m currently working my way through reviews. I got a lot of stuff! You can see my first review of the Peach Spice blush and highlight palette, here.

I know that the everyday normal person doesn’t need this much eyeshadow and that Freedom is marketed towards professionals but come on…. once you see some of these colours you’ll understand me.

Anyway, these shadows come individually packaged in sturdy little circular pods and are separated into six different groups. I’ll split this post into each group with swatches and comments. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | P R O B L U S H & H I G H L I G H T*

Freedom Pro Blush & Highlight - Peach Spice Review w/ Swatches


As part of a free gift with purchase when you spent £25, you received £25 worth of free product from Freedom Makeup. You can’t really go wrong with a deal like that now can you?! One of the items was a six pan blush/contour/highlight palette that has not yet been released on Freedom’s website. It contains three pink/peach blushes, two matte and one with gold shimmer, a “bronzer” and two highlights, one pink/gold and one champagne.

The deal has now ended but Freedom constantly run promotions so just sign up to the newsletter to receive 20% off of your first order and updates on deals and new products. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | H Y P O C R I S Y L I N E R S*

Makeup Revolution Eye & Lipliners - Hypocrisy Review w/ Swatches


I’m finally catching up with all of my PR products and this is one that I’ve actually been making so much use of. Makeup Revolution sent me a bunch of their new lip and eye liners, some of which are part of the Hypocrisy collection. Not so new now since I’ve had them for a month or so at least! But I’m back on a roll now since uni has finished and I graduated so expect some reviews of products from the past three or so months! – Each pencil is a pound and comes with a really handy sharpener as the lid . Continue reading

B E A U T Y | S E C R E T R O S E*

Oh so Rosy! - Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Secret Rose Review w/ Swatches


This little corker is a neutral palette with a rosy twist that isn’t just a straight up copy of the Naked 3 or other rosy palette’s. Here you get natural earthy tones with colours that can work for all skin tones. The shimmers here can be packed on without looking dramatic or overdone and the matte shades are great to just throw on day to day. The jewel of the palette, the deep rosy shade on the bottom right is a sophisticated berry tone that isn’t too pink or too purple. It has just the right hint of brown and copper underlying to make it suitable for day or for night depending on how you like to use deep colours. Continue reading

H A I R | S U P E R C U T S – M I Z A N I*

L'Oreal Mizani Shampoo, Conditioner and Edge Taming Gel Review ft. Supercuts UK.


A couple of weeks ago Supercuts reached out to me and offered me the chance to review some new products to their online shop. I’m sure you’ve all seen Supercuts on the hughstreet and may even have had your hair done there but now they have an online store where you can purchase all of the great salon products that they use.

The products I was sent were the Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from the brand Mizani, which I’ve seen dotted around in ethnic hair shops. They’re usually behind or near to the counter as they’re marketed as a bit more premium. The products are cheaper by a pound or so on Supercuts.  Continue reading