H A I R | S U P E R C U T S – M I Z A N I*

L'Oreal Mizani Shampoo, Conditioner and Edge Taming Gel Review ft. Supercuts UK.


A couple of weeks ago Supercuts reached out to me and offered me the chance to review some new products to their online shop. I’m sure you’ve all seen Supercuts on the hughstreet and may even have had your hair done there but now they have an online store where you can purchase all of the great salon products that they use.

The products I was sent were the Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from the brand Mizani, which I’ve seen dotted around in ethnic hair shops. They’re usually behind or near to the counter as they’re marketed as a bit more premium. The products are cheaper by a pound or so on Supercuts. 

I bought the Edge Taming Gel myself on a recent trip to beauty supply so I could review a little bit more of a selection. Tbh, it’s a bit pants as a firm hold gel if you’re going for the wavy baby hair look of 2007, but it’s wonderful if you just want to give your hair (natural or relaxed, mine’s natural) a bit of direction. It’s non-greasy, doesn’t leave white flakes, and leaves hair super soft after use.

The shampoo and conditioner both me and my mother were really pleased with. Rarely do I use anything on my natural hair other than Dark & Lovely, a product I’ve used practically since birth. My natural hair is thick, unruly, hard to manage and tangles so badly when wet that I lose a whole bunch every wash. When I first tried this shampoo, not only did it get really sudsy (rarity when you have so much thick afro hair), it also minimised the usual tangling I get. My hair and scalp felt clean and grease free without the usual drying and stripping of other shampoos. Other than Dark & lovely, the only other shampoo that compares is TRESemmé. Another surprise is that I only used a quarter of a bottle for one wash. That may sound like a lot for some but for me that’s a third of my usual amount which is why haircare for me is the most expensive part of my routine. my hair usual drinks product. It looks like those days are gone.

As for the conditioner, the directions don’t state to leave it on for an hour but I forgot I had it in and just went about packing for my move back home. When I got around to rinsing it out my hair was silky. I’m not exaggerating either. I could actually take a wide toothed comb through it without it getting stuck and it made blowdrying so much easier because my hair didn’t need detangling before hand. Anyone with natural hair thanks the gods for a product that takes any kind of time off of the blowdrying process so Mizani have made a great product here.

This past weekend I also had my mother try these out. She said much the same about the shampoo and conditioner. My mum has a curly perm every three or so months so sometimes her hair takes a battering. She had nothing but good things to say about Mizani though and her hair had some much needed life brought back to it.

I just have to add as a final mention that these Mizani products smell great too. The fragrance is unobtrusive and also the bronze packaging is different enough to look sophisticated but still get the point across. It screams “Afro queen” without being stereotypical as a brown bottle. That may sound a bit daft but when it comes to branding, Mizani rocked it with the brown and gold.

I’ll definitely be repurchasing the conditioner and shampoo for me and mum to use in future as well as some other Mizani products. There’s free shipping over £20 on Supercuts, so why not?


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