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Oh so Rosy! - Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Secret Rose Review w/ Swatches


This little corker is a neutral palette with a rosy twist that isn’t just a straight up copy of the Naked 3 or other rosy palette’s. Here you get natural earthy tones with colours that can work for all skin tones. The shimmers here can be packed on without looking dramatic or overdone and the matte shades are great to just throw on day to day. The jewel of the palette, the deep rosy shade on the bottom right is a sophisticated berry tone that isn’t too pink or too purple. It has just the right hint of brown and copper underlying to make it suitable for day or for night depending on how you like to use deep colours.


I’ve also taken to using white in the entire inner corner as a highlight as opposed to a champagne which I’ve now realised closes my already small eyes rather than opening them up. The white here in the palette is almost buttery in tone and is really more on the cream side once applied. Its texture reminds me a lot of Makeup Revolution Touch Me or Urban Decay Strange with a tint bit of a sheen. The quality is much the same too.

Here are the swatches:




The bottom row is definitely a “Lauren” set of everyday sophisticated colours and they get the most use out of me with the gorgeous matte terracotta shade thrown in the crease. Overall, I’m really impressed with this palette and it makes me even more excited for my latest order of the Eyeshadow Armory, a collection of 30 individual circular pan shadows (around the size of an MUA or MUFE shadow). If this palette is anything to go by, the quality of the  individuals will be above and beyond.

I used this palette for a friends wedding last week Thursday. If you’re a Londoner, or anyone with a TV or access to the net, you’ll know that last Thursday was tube strike day. Since i’ve moved out of London recently, I had to do my entire face of makeup at 8am, get the train to London and then queue for a bus for 45 minutes. I was then on and off of two more buses in the blistering heat and ended up having to power walk the last mile to Chelsea Town Hall wearing the tightest dress of life. It was an ordeal I can tell you. Not only did my foundation not crease (more on that in a later post), but my eyeshadow didn’t either. Instant win for Secret Rose!

Like other similar 12 pan palettes from the “drugstore” or drugstore priced sites, this palette is £4, an absolute steal and there are seven other palettes in this format to choose from, from brights to smokes. When I ordered this one, I also ordered the Romance & Jewels, a collection of 12 intense shimmers. That’s on my list to review so keep your eyes peeled for it. I’m on a blogging roll tonight so it’ll be up sometime in the next week after the others I’ve written this evening.

Purchase this palette here. 🙂

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