B E A U T Y | H Y P O C R I S Y L I N E R S*

Makeup Revolution Eye & Lipliners - Hypocrisy Review w/ Swatches


I’m finally catching up with all of my PR products and this is one that I’ve actually been making so much use of. Makeup Revolution sent me a bunch of their new lip and eye liners, some of which are part of the Hypocrisy collection. Not so new now since I’ve had them for a month or so at least! But I’m back on a roll now since uni has finished and I graduated so expect some reviews of products from the past three or so months! – Each pencil is a pound and comes with a really handy sharpener as the lid .

The colours are pretty bog standard as far as lip liners go and the eyeliners come in blue, black, brown, white and a black with glitter. What’s missing here is a deeper red. Vice is a red but it had heavy orange undertones but it does match the £1 Vice lipstick. I made an order sometime after this of Cherry Red expecting it to be more red or maroon at least. Turns out it’s more cranberry. I think there’s an opening just for one deep red pencil. That could be August’s launch, teethee!

makeuprevolution hypocrisy liners

→ Tipx | Crime |  Depraved | Vice | Iconic Brown | Baddest Blue | Bad Girl Blue | Stardust | Black

makeuprevolution hyprocrisy liner swatches

My black pencil is almost half of the size now since I use it whenever I need colour in the waterline or to detail the edge of a wing. This pencil is as black as black can be and really adds that oomph to your eyes since it smudges nicely too. Stardust is pretty much the same deal but with silver glitter in it. This would be a great eyeballs for any of those annoying shadows that have glitter that just won’t stay. You’ll already have some glitter guaranteed to stay put with Stardust so adding more with pesky shadows will be a doddle.

The two blues are my two other favourites. Baddest Blue is just out of this world vibrant! I have always loved blue eyeliner or mascara on the lower lash line, it just screams fun. I’ve been using these through Spring and Summer with a Collection mascara that is a bright blue. You may have noticed it in my review of the Freedom Correct and Conceal palette.

I don’t get much use out of Crime and Depraved but that’s more due to not being very adventurous lately with lip creations and not the product. All of these liners are creamy but dry enough to stay put for long periods of time on the eyes and the lips. It’s summer! It’s time for ombre lips. I’m going to get on it with these this week and see what I can come up with.

I’ve been using Vice along with my BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Alpha chubby pencil since they’re near enough the same colour or as a base for any other red lipstick. If your lipstick is very emollient like the £1 Amazing lipsticks from  MUR then Vice, or any other MUR liner is the perfect base. you won’t need any faddy-daddy lip primer pencils. All you need is this.

Iconic Brown is a neutral brown with both red and grey undertones and is just lovely for someone my skintone as a lip liner or as a liner in the waterline. – Tipx also comes in shadow form in one or other of the Salvation palettes and was much appreciated as a liner. I have one other white from BarryM and this outshines it by a country mile! You couldn’t get any whiter than this. It’s like chalk! Perfect for that wide eyed sixties look.

All of these pencils have taken pride of place in my Muji pencil storage on my vanity to be used everyday. There really is no need to spend money on expensive luxury pencils when these basic colours will see you right trough everything and are the fab price of £1. Makeup Revolution always takes care of us.

Buy yours here → Individual Lip - Individual Eye



7 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | H Y P O C R I S Y L I N E R S*

  1. Cecilia Karlsson says:

    I want both the blues and the white one, but sharpeners in the lid makes me rage. Completely useless and also dries the pencil out so so quickly there is barely time to use it before itäs gone because you have to sharpen it every time you want to use 😦


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