B E A U T Y | M A S C A R A G R A V E Y A R D #2*

Mascara Graveyard/ Empties pt.2


The aim of my makeup graveyard was to review the ridiculous amount of mascara I had/had used up. Unfortunately, I appear to have accumulated a whole bunch more since then. #Fail – Anyway, here are the final there from my two part mascara graveyard series. You can read part one here.

1 | Bourjois Volume Clubbing | £7.99

borjoisvolumeclubbingThis mascara has a horrid wand. It isn’t round and the bristles are clumped together. It does add volume, but in a very splurgy kind of way in that the product is literally applied in a lump and so it dries in a lump. This whole flat wand thing just doesn’t work here. It’s messy, almost always got on my lid and ruined my eyeshadow and is just awkward for a short lashed girl. I only bought this as a freebie in a boots 3for2 and certainly wont make that mistake again. unfortunately, I find that most bourgeois mascaras are similar. This is a no-go brand for me where lashes are concerned.

 2 | Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof | £4.99

maybellinegreatlashThis is a cult product for good reason. While it doesn’t give me amazing length or anything overly dramatic, you do get good lash definition, a deep black colour, a little bit of base lash volume and no mess or clumps….. ever! This is a no frills makeup bag saviour for top and bottom lashes. Bottom lashes benefit most from the smaller wand. Especially those in the inner corner or on the outer edge. if you want natural lash impact then this is definitely the one.

3 | No.7 Lash Impact | £17.50

no7 lash impactThis was my one an only mascara for a good seven months after receiving this mini in a No.7 gift with purchase. The bristled wand is a classic and very traditional in style. It allows you to get right to the base of lashes like I’ve never experienced with any other wand before. This mascara is the reason I prefer real bristles as opposed to the rubber kind. On the days when people ask me about my lashes, it’s usually this I’m wearing. You can’t really get better than that, can you? This was an instant repurchase for me and i have a backup unopened and waiting for me to lavish some attention on. 🙂

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