B E A U T Y | P R O B L U S H & H I G H L I G H T*

Freedom Pro Blush & Highlight - Peach Spice Review w/ Swatches


As part of a free gift with purchase when you spent £25, you received £25 worth of free product from Freedom Makeup. You can’t really go wrong with a deal like that now can you?! One of the items was a six pan blush/contour/highlight palette that has not yet been released on Freedom’s website. It contains three pink/peach blushes, two matte and one with gold shimmer, a “bronzer” and two highlights, one pink/gold and one champagne.

The deal has now ended but Freedom constantly run promotions so just sign up to the newsletter to receive 20% off of your first order and updates on deals and new products.




IMG_4806The shape of the palette is rectangular and has a very nice, full mirror in the lid. The edges of the palette are much more rounded than something you might expect from Makeup Revolution. For some reason, the shape and size and general feel of this palette is really appealing to me. It’s kind of cute and much more easy to hold than something much wider would be. The back of the palette lists 12g as the total weight so I’m guessing you get 2g in each blush which is more than enough to last a good, long while unless you’re a complete blush addict!


When I first saw this palette the blush never did anything for me because I am quite dark. However, all three work really well for a very natural bit of colour to the cheeks without going full clown. Obviously on lighter skins this would be much more rosy and flushed, but on me, all three provide just enough pigment to blend between bronzer and highlighter for a soft diffused finish.

The bronzer was obviously never going to be a bronzer on me, was it? What I love this powder for instead is highlighting, especially under the brow, in the inner corner and on the chin and nose. The powder itself is slightly peachy but neutral at the same time so it works really nicely, especially when you’re using darker eyeshadows but don’t want to use something too red in the transition. This formula also gives a soft diffused look to wherever you apply it and I wish they did this in an individual compact it’s that well loved!

The pink gold highlighter is pretty in the pan but on the cheeks comes off a tiny bit ash on me. I prefer to use this one as a cupids bow or under brow highlight so I can draw attention to the right places and not the wrong ones! The champagne peach highlight is perfect. It can look quite gold in some lights. On someone like me this is great because I prefer those kinds of highlight colours. If you use a tad bit less, then it appears much more peach. Either way, this is a gorgeous product.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with this little palette and it’s honestly my new best friend.

Get yours here.

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