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Freedom Makeup London Mono Eyeshadow Armory – All 30 Shades – Review w/ Swatches


I’m going to ruin in for you now and just say that I LOVE THESE SHADOWS. Keep reading to find out why! 😀

Each of Freedom’s mono shadows cost £1 making them comparable in price to MUA but comparable in quality to Makeup Revolution, Morphe and Makeup Forever. By buying all thirty together, you save £10. That’s right, for 60g of product, you pay only £20. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago during a promotion where if you spend £25 you get £25 worth of free product and I’m currently working my way through reviews. I got a lot of stuff! You can see my first review of the Peach Spice blush and highlight palette, here.

I know that the everyday normal person doesn’t need this much eyeshadow and that Freedom is marketed towards professionals but come on…. once you see some of these colours you’ll understand me.

Anyway, these shadows come individually packaged in sturdy little circular pods and are separated into six different groups. I’ll split this post into each group with swatches and comments.


First, the largest group; the brights. Considering this is technically a buy twenty and get ten free deal, I classed the brights family as my ten freebies so when one arrived broken, I wasn’t too fussed. It also didn’t bother me too because I can honestly say that I would never have used it. I am just not a neon pink fan. I generally stick to a shimmery rose toned pink if I’m going to wear one at all so when Brights 226 came shattered, I actually threw it straight out and then had to go grab it again so I could at least swatch it for those of you that do like bright pinks.


↓ 229 | 228 | 227 | 221 | 226

To me, this is the least exciting quint of colours but that doesn’t detract from how good the shadows are themselves. While mid-tone matte purples and neon pinks aren’t my cup of tea, these undoubtedly perform really well considering they’re matte. I did a purple shimmery look the other day with one of the other deep purples and used 228 in the crease mixed with a Texture by MAC (red/brown). The end look was quite nice, but that’s all the use i’ll ever get out of matte purples…. these are going to last me forever. Did I mention that each shadow is a whopping 2g?! Well……. WOW.

227 is a really pretty lilac shimmer that’s perfect for both inner corner and for the centre of the lid to draw attention. It’s very Disney in a Cinderella sort of way. Truly dreamy.

221 is very aquatic in tone but is one I’d only ever use in the inner corner. With a navy smoky eye, this could be a different way to highlight the tear duct.


↓ 225 | 223 | 222 | 224 | 230

225, 223, 222 and 224 are all glorious colours and I’ve used 222 for a sort of Brazil Rio type look with a coral and yellow and it came out really nicely just with winged liner. I’m looking forward to using these pretty greens in some other capacity because they’re all super soft and clearly pack a pigment punch!

The purple, 230, I really wanted to love, I did. But the blue duo-chrome is very unflattering on me because I have small eyes. It’s unnecessary shimmer that doesn’t really go very well on brown skin. Again, beautiful to look at, but not one for me.



↓ 203 | 205 | 204 | 202 | 201

I couldn’t get these bloody shades to show the true undertones because they’re all so light but basically, 201 is a shimmery white, 203 is a white pink with a slight sheen, 205 is a cream/tan with yellow undertones, 204 is an even paler pink that is plain matte and 202 is a very pale white gold shimmer.


The colours show up much better in the pans here. All five are the kinds of everyday colours that we don’t even realise we use everyday! I’m so glad to have large amounts of these shadows because I use them under the brow and in the inner corner. I even use them as the name suggests, as a base to set concealer or primer to make shadows blend better on top. I don’t much care for the 201 on the eyes, but it could definitely be a highlighter for pale skin tones and the pan is big enough to get a fan brush into as well.

As it stands, 205 and the other matte shade 204 get the most use here. You know that classic look with a matte nude colour on the lid, a darker brown (209) thrown in the crease, a bold wing and red lip? Well 205 and 204 will get you that….. but they will kick up a bit of excess powder in the attempt.



Now there’s one poor, lonely little shadow in the smoke ‘collection’. It’s no. 210. At first glance this looks like a matte black in the pan. In bright lights you see a grey shimmer running through, but if you blend/smoke this out, a better description of it would definitely be ‘midnight’. The colour has definitely got some navy undertones. It’s performs like a matte with the pigmentation of a shimmer. I haven’t had need of a colour like this yet so I haven’t used it, but when I do, the best place I think would be along the lower lash line. I’ve been practising with browns but still seem to just close off my eye so I’m skeptical about using such a dark colour, but it’s so pretty that I may just give it a go anyway, throw on some lashes and be a bit dramatic.



Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, nudes have never been my favourite and that’s just because I love and need colour in any makeup I do, it’s why I love bright lipsticks. But then again when you wear such vivid colours on your lips, you have to tone everything else down, so then nudes come in super handy.


↓ 208 | 207 | 206 | 209

Even when I do nude, I love an amplified nude so 208 is perfect for me since it’s a grey/brown, but a metallic grey/brown that has a wet look without needing to dampen the brush you use. 207 is basically the same thing, just a shade lighter. You would use one or the other really. Both are “work colours”. If someone would be nice enough to reply to one of my applications and invite me to interview, then I might just wear one!

206 looks fab built up out sheered out, but it is a tad bit bitty. The colour is a very white based gold, very antique like as opposed to something with more yellow/orange underneath.

209 is a very dark coffee bean kind of brown. At first I thought it would be my least used shadow but it’s actually one of my most used shadows. I have a bit of a hooded lid so have been blowing out the outer corners of shadow a lot to open up my eyes. My go to shadow for this is usually MAC’s Texture but now I add 209 to really smoke things up. Especially if I’m opting to wear lashes.



Initially, I was only going to buy seven mono shadows and most of them were in the guided family. 219 is such a ‘Lauren’ colour, I’m a sucker for an olive green. It just compliments brown skin and dark eyes so well. In fact, all five Gilded shadows were in my basket with one Smoulder and one Bright. Needless to say, these were my most highly anticipated shadows on arrival.


↓ 218 | 216 | 219 | 220 | 217

218 is a rich, warm copper. This is my standard everyday if I want to wear lashes and minimal liner. Despite having yellow undertones, copper on me is basically an amplified nude. This particular copper is so unbelievably soft that it makes me wish I had a YouTube channel so I could do live swatches. It’d probably turn into ASMR though with all the “oh god, it’s so soft” and the rubbing of each shadow in the pan. Basically, 218 is lush!

216 is a light pink. As you can see, it is super iridescent. It’s my perfect shadow topper or inner corner highlight. It’s another one of those colours that I don’t realise I use so much until it’s completely gone. This does also have a little bit of silver glitter. It isn’t a problem for me because if I have a gilded eyeshadow I want full KABOOM gilded-ness glitter and sparkle included, but if you don’t much care for that kind of thing, it wont be for you.

219 lives up to my expectations and is basically just a back up of six other identical shadows that I own. The only difference is that this one is a touch more on the gold side and would be lovely with a darker green on the outer eye and this on the inner with a white gold inner corner. Bliss.

220 reminds me so much of Elf Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum it’s just a bit lighter. It’s a rose/copper that would honestly suit every skin tone. It’s also one of those colours that you can slap all over the lid, no messing about with liner or intricate crease work, but bam, mascara and you’re good to go.

217…. Oh 217. I never in my life thought something could be too pigmented but if there’s anything, then this is it. This shadow feels like liquid gold. In fact, I think Makeup Geek has a liquid gold pigment that isn’t even as pigmented or as nice looking as this. This is like, Egyptian Pharaoh’s tomb kinda gold. I’m looking forward to using this in some capacity but right now, the pigment is so overwhelming!



The Smoulder collection is my absolute favourite merely because 212 is in it. It also really makes me really want to use more dark and dramatic shadows. As much as I enjoy the fresh faced look, it does make me look super young, which isn’t as good as it sounds. I love dramatic eye makeup and am loving pairing drama with some fluttery lashes. This little collection makes me really want to experiment more and that’s my favourite thing about makeup.



↓ 211 | 214 | 212 | 215 | 213

211 is the most silver silver of life. It does have a very cool pewter type undertone that is slightly blue. FYI, all of the swatches above in the Smoulder collection were done with one pass of the brush and just a tiny bit of tidying around the edges to make them more rectangular.

214 is a deep green. It’s so deep it can actually look black so I wouldn’t go layering this on the lid for a night out. Chances are the camera wont pick up the subtle forrest green so you will just end up looking like a raccoon. This will be a nice one for the lower lash line or the outer corner, but I’d use something brighter or more noticeable as a green colour on the actual lid.

I had to step back and take a breath when I saw 212 in person. I have never in my life seen such a glorious eyeshadow. It’s the only duo-chrome shadow in the Armory and to be honest, I would have payed £20 solely for this. I wore this literally all over the lid and above crease with Nude 209 in the outer crease and got sooooooo many compliments through the day. It’s a cross between MAC Blue Brown and Urban Decay Solstice. In different light this can be teal, blue, burgundy, brown, green. It’s everything all in one. If I were a mermaid, my tail would be in shade 212. I wish I could wear this colour everyday. In fact, here’s me wearing 212 and House of GlamDolls FlutterDoll lashes….


215 is a black purple, again, I wouldn’t pack it on. Same great matte formula as 214 and is super soft. I haven’t experienced any bad fallout with this shadow either.

Last but not least is 213, a deep purple with indigo undertones. Unlike 215, this really shows as purple. The two would look fab together I think. 213 does kick up a bit of powder in the pan so I’d watch out for that but tbh, that happens with most of my dark shadows, budget or high end. If you just swirl this around in the pan with your finger, the powder moves like suede so you can get to understand that this shadow comes off kind of suede/ satin in texture. It really is pretty, just super bold!

There are a couple of colours that would have fitted into this collection so easily and would have truly made this an armory. For instance, a yellow…. that was an oversight. Everyone needs a good matte yellow. An orange, a cobalt blue and a red would have also gone nicely as well as a red toned matte brown. Unless these are coming later in a properly pigmented brights type pro palette, I can’t understand why a couple of the purples and one of the bases weren’t swapped unless there was a problem with the kinds of dyes and pigments used?

Having said that, I’d have payed £30 for just two of these shadows, they’re that nice, so when you’ve made such a saving and gathered enough shadow to last a pro MUA a good couple of years before needing to repurchase, you really can’t say anything.

In terms of longevity, ALL of the shadows, especially the ones with shimmer and sheen have amazing staying power with absolutely no creasing. I experienced a tiny bit of glitter fallout with gilded 216, but other than that, nothing! I’m going to need some more colours added to the line though, that’s the only “bad” thing that I have to say about Freedom Mono’s.

Get yours direct here. Or you can purchase via BeautyCrowd.

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