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Naked Underneath? You Derty Betch – Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath (Fur) Palette Review w/ Swatches

I’ve been sitting on this one for months! Uni just caught up with me and I slipped so far behind with blogging that a lot of the things I posted about on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) just never seemed to make it to my blog. Plus, I lost the original images when my laptop decided it just fancied dying so…..

Naked looks go to the decadent side with our indulgent wonder palette which 
has a fur covered lid and contains 16 beautiful natural and smokey 
indulgent eyeshadows. There’s a mixture of day and smokey night looks, 
contained in a fur covered palette lid and with 16 eyeshadows, applicator 
and full size mirror inside.


Here I have the Naked underneath palette. It costs £7.99 and comes in a rectangular case with a crystal heart on the top. I personally really like the heart and the concept, just not the faux fur. Obviously you can’t have the naked underneath thing without the fur top but for someone who has a phobia of odd textures, things like this really don’t sit well with me. I’ve only just learnt to deal with satin and suede and now I have palettes covered in fur…. Nope… No. – This is also the reason that I refuse to buy Naked 1 from Urban Decay. That packaging just upsets me.

…Buuuuuut it does promote a good cause. Makeup Revolution are completely cruelty free and are openly against animal testing and cruelty to animals. So Naked Underneath sends a really good message, even if it does give me goosebumps.


Free | Stroke | Reveal | Meow | Darkness
Love | Hidden | 2004 | Glory | 1970 | After Hours
Attention | Seeking | Covered | Missile | Wonderous




You can really see which shadows have been well loved over the past few months and weirdly enough, Stroke, is one of them. There is just something so pretty about this shadow. It’s a silver/blue with some sort of lilac underneath and it honestly just looks so pretty used with purple, green or blue as the main lid colour. It’s very versatile. 

Of the two highlighters (Wonderous and Free), I get the most use out of Free. It has the exact same texture as Makeup Revolution mono in Touch Me and is just like butter. I use it all over the inner corner when I don’t want a shimmer and it really opens the eye up. Wondrous does a similar thing just with a shimmer that really packs a punch!

Covered reminds me a lot of the new Urban Decay shadow Whiskey from the Naked Smoky palette. It has the same rich brown with a slight dry, grey undertone.

Seeking, a tan brown, obviously gets a lot of use too. I usually use it to set any concealer on my lid or under the brow when I want a really natural highlight. This shadow has the same texture as Free and the other mattes in the palette (Darkness, Attention).

My least used shadow is Meow. I just wasn’t a fan of the gold sparkle because i haven’t found a way to get them to stay put. I have a few favourite eye bases that usually get anything to stick to them, but Meow is just very difficult. The burgundy-ish shade of the main shadow is pretty though. I hope to get a bit more use out of it come autumn.

The entire middle row deserves an award for being so god-damn beautiful!! All of the shades are shimmery and pigmented. The colours are very sophisticated, they’re the kinds of colours I can see women picking a dress in to go to a dance about a hundred years ago. 1970 and After Hours are my favourites here.

This palette really marked a noticeable change in the formula of Makeup Revolution shadows. Not that there was anything wrong with them in the first place but I remember posting on Instagram about the change and you really can see it when you compare it to earlier palettes. I’ve also noticed it continued to palettes like the Affirmation palette (review soon).

I really need to whip this out more often or leave it out on my vanity so I notice it more. It really is a gem if you’re a fan of natural makeup that can have some serious impact of you add a couple of the deeper shadows in for the evening or night. You wont get any bright colours here, but honestly, you don’t need them. If you love neutrals, then I promise you’ll love this.

Get yours here for £7.99!
When you spend £30 get £25 of product free! Until Monday July 27th @ 10am

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