S K I N C A R E | L U S H – O X F O R D S T R E E T*

LUSH Oxford Street Overview - It’s just so LUSH!


I’ve always loved LUSH and the relaxed and slightly hippy environment that makes you feel super clean and natural. They ladies and gents in there always seem like such natural beauties and you can tell from talking to them just how much they love and adore LUSH products. (Plus, male employees have the softest looking beards. Weird to notice but mmmm, fuzzy :)). I once spent over an hour standing in LUSH with my friend Tasha and two LUSH employees discussing hair and skincare. It set us up in such a good mood for lunch and shopping afterwards. The two girls at the branch went above and beyond for us.

Anyway, this post is about something different… You’ve probably already seen it by now but this is the new LUSH store on Oxford Street, a mecca of natural, cruelty free beauty, skin and haircare. The pictures were taken on the second day of opening. – Yeaaaaaah… that just goes to show how long I hoard blog pictures ahaha. 

The shop is pretty much just a giant version of the teeny tiny LUSH shops we’re used too in town centres and shopping centres. This is like LUSH on roids and covers three floors. It’s big, it’s beefy, it’s slightly daunting when you walk in, but it’s absolutely beautiful. They also have a whole bunch of exclusive products which is why I didn’t go crazy. I didn’t want to get addicted to something I couldn’t get back home.



On the stairwell you’re invited to “move on up” to the top floor where they have all of the bath bombs and bath products. It’s my haven. Bath bombs are such a luxury when you’ve lived without a bath tub for three years while at uni. Going home for the holidays means baths galore and with that…… bath bombs! My favourite is the Avobath.


They also have a spa on basement level where you can book beauty and holistic type treatments to make yourself just feel so pampered without worrying where the product ingredients have been sourced from. Essiebutton recently did a spa experience day in one of her vlogs. If you haven’t already seen it, you can catch it here

So, I just thought I’d do a quick post to show you how lush the LUSH store looks. 😉 The design alone gets me everytime I see it. And they have this huge half open front wall that means you can literally smell the shop whether you’re at Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court road. It’s divine.

Here are some pictures:






If you’re in the market for some new LUSH bits then check out a couple of my favourites, the Avo Bath Bath bomb, BIG Sea Salt Shampoo and the Rock Star soap if you’re in store or shopping online. You’ll love them, I promise.



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