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My Must Have Makeup Revolution Products

If you’ve heard of Makeup Revolution then chances are, you want everything but can’t bring yourself to splurge or you want everything, and you splurge so bad you wonder how you’ll ever fit it all on your face in a lifetime. I’m one of the latter. Funny, because even though Revolution send some bits and bobs to review, I still make massive orders of my own which now means I have an epic collection that threatens to have me thrown out of my house because my mother thinks it’s getting out of hand. (She doesn’t think so when I whip out Essential Mattes 2 and give her a little bit of a spruce up before church on a Sunday though FYI). I think I’ve hit my MUR limit now though as I realised after making another order on Thursday, that I pretty much own everything on the site barring foundations and whatnot. It’s so amazing how one brand has completely revolutionised (no pun intended) how I think about makeup. 

Recently, I posted the thumbnail to this post on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) and since its my most liked image, I thought I’d best get onto writing it up seen as a lot of people clearly want to see it!

So, here goes, my all time favourites from Makeup Revolution!

Eye Palettes

bloglinemakeuprevolution affirmation

Affirmation | £8.00

A stunning set of 32 cool toned eyeshadows. This palette came out a long time before the new Naked Smoky but it pretty much has all of the same colours dotted about here there and everywhere. The quality of the mattes especially are my favourite and i use them most often day-to-day. The shimmers are very office appropriate but also the kind of colours to wear for certain events like dinner or drinks at a nice bar. As one of the newer additions to the Flawless palette family, this is a must have. I never thought anything would best the original Flawless palette but this just tips the scale….


Essential Mattes 2 | £4.00

As the name suggests, this palette is essential for pretty much everything. It has the perfect colours for natural makeup or creasework. There are also a good three or four shades in the palette that look really nice smoked on the lower lash line. If you just need a handful of classic and simple colours, then Essential Mattes 2 is for you. → The Matte 1 palette has some dusty blues and purples so if you want some nice matte colours then take a look at that also as I’m sure the quality is the same high standard.



Bulletproof Brows Ultra Brow Meium – Dark| £7.99

I remember when Jackie first sent me the Bulletproof brows kit. At first I was very meh about it. I really didn’t care too much about brows and I got very easily annoyed when I saw girls in town with stupidly drawn on brows. I stayed away from all brow products. When an opportunity to review comes my way however I will always try the product the same way I’d try something I’d bought with my own money and I was blown away by the overnight eyebrow transformation I got from this palette. You get four lovely powders, two gels, and powder pink brow highlight and a creamy concealer type brow highlight. The best thing is that you need so little powder to shape the brows. I’ve used this palette daily for moooooonths and look, not even a dent in any of the powders! And I don’t know why but the concealer really tipped the brow goodness for me. It’s quite thick and pigmented so it’s easy to get that “tidy/god awful” harsh brow highlight but if you use the right brush and blend it out, you get a really natural glow, even on darker skins. You can see my full review here if you want to know more. 

Pencils | Pens | Brushes
Awesome Double Flick | £3.50

I now have three of these eyeliners and the first one I ever got still hasn’t dried up yet (although it is on its way out). I just could never be without this pen. It is simply the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. I do use other lines from time to time like my Maybelline Gel, but I always find myself using this pen to tidy up the edges. There’s a review here with a pretty awesome picture of me using the liner haha. Just look how smooth and pretty the line looks!!

Amazing Eyeliner Iconic Brown | £1.00

Out of all of the liners I have from MUR, aside from the black, this is by far my most used. It travels with me in my handbag wherever I got for lip and eyeliner. The colour really is iconic and is the perfect brown girl shade. It isn’t too warm or red and as such can be used in any way you like. This (and the black) are must haves for sure!

Pro Curve PRO-C FP01 | £5.99

This brush is advertised as a foundation brush but I think it’s perfect just for contouring. It looks stiff and rigid but in actuality this brush is fluffy and has a lot of movement, especially when you’ve used and washed it a couple of times. You can apply product and then blend it upwards really easily and you can a soft gradient every single time.

Pro Curve PRO-C FH01 | £5.99

This is another one of the curve collection of brushes and this best used for cream highlighting. It is the softest of the collection and the bristles are dense but still have lots of movement so you can buff product in, especially under the eye, without looking cakey or overdone.

Iconic Pro 2 Brush -PRO 1989 Double-ended Eyeshadow Brush  | (Palette £6.99)

When you get an affordable palette it usually comes with an annoying little double sided sponge thingy that most people just toss in the bin. The Iconic Pro 1 & 2 however, come with a really handy little brush. One end is a thin, flat shader. The other end is a thin and presise blending brush. I used it first when I did my Fifty Shades Valentines look and fell in love with it. It’s such an unexpectedly good little brush.



Iconic Pro – Looking Ahead & You’re a Star | £2.49

Now these are hands down the best lipstick formula that MUR have come out with. The mattes especially are awesome but the two pictured are Looking Ahead and You’re a Star. Both are lovely colours in their own right but mixed together they create the perfect pink nude for the chocolate peoples. Absolute match made in heaven. You can see some of the other colours and reviews here.

Lip Hugs – I Wasn’t Mixed Up & Save Me From Yourself | £2.50

I believe these lipsticks are supposed to be a dupe for something else but I couldn’t tell you what. I don’t particularly care either because dupe or no, these lipsticks are great. The two I have are both very natural colours. One is a brown nude and the other is a pale lilac. If I’m playing up the eues then I’ll use the nude, if I’m going very bare on the eyes or wearing my glasses, I’ll wear the lilac. The formula is very smooth and feels more like a lip balm than lipstick which is really quite nice. Also, because they’re so emollient, they give a little bit of a shine that makes the lips look healthy and plump.

Face Palettes
bloglineGolden Sugar |  £6.00

This palette was a literal game changer for my makeup. I would leave this on my desk and just do an ip dip do kinda situation in the morning and no matter which individual colour or combination I went for I was always satisfied that I had enhanced the makeup I had already applied. The colours are all so rich and give a pretty sheen without being glittery or shimmery. I’m not sure how well this would work for pale skinned people though. Check out my little review here.

Radiant Lights Palette / Individuals | £8.00 / £5.00

I can’t remember what happened here….. either I was sent the palette and bought the individuals as backups or I bought the palette and was sent the individuals. Either way, I loved the effect of Breathe and Glow that I just new I needed backups. These powders have been likened to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, but for me, these are more of a highlighting product than a setting powder. The colours are just beautiful and I even find myself using Exhale, a much paler colour, since this “strobing” thing has come back around. If you want a natural highlight then this is definitely for you. This is great for day to day but also for occasions. I recently wore this to my graduation. 🙂

There are so many other products that I could mention here but this run down are my absolute must haves from Makeup Revolution. I’m sure that there are going to be many other amazing products added to the brand and I’m looking forward to spending all of my pennies on them!


**Some links are to blog reviews, others are to the main MUR site. You can find all of the products mentioned here.

5 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | M A K E U P R E V O L U T I O N M U S T H A V E S*

  1. i Dorottka says:

    Great MUR favourites. Few are definitely of of mine too. Like Radiance palette and I do use it for setting my makeup. Since I’m so pale it gives me a glow without overdoing it 🙂 I think I need Affirmation now!! I just recently got Flawless Matte and let me tell you its bloody amazing. I stayed away from bigger palettes thinking that I just can’t afford losing space but it’s been revelation. You know that sound Hollywood uses when heavens are about to open, those angelic tunes – that’s what I feel when using Flawless Matte 🙂 So yes thanks to you I can almost smell another MUR order with Affirmation – stop teasing I’m broke already 🙂


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