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Bell Hypoallergenic Eyeshadows – Full Collection Review w/Swatches



hypoallergenic ˌhʌɪpəʊaləˈdʒɛnɪk/ adjective adjective: hypoallergenic; adjective: hypo-allergenic  (especially of cosmetics and textiles) relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.


For me, Bell is a completely new brand. I’ve seen them mentioned here and there but never investigated because very few of the products look WOC friendly since the brand is originally Polish and therefore caters for a Polish demographic. I recently joined Beauty Crowd Pro, an online blogging community and the opportunity arose to try out some Bell products. I thought eyeshadow was pretty neutral ground so was more than happy to put my name down to try the full collection of hypoallergenic shadows.


There are nine colours in total and they are just about as natural as natural can get so if you’re conscious about cruelty or ingredients in mainstream makeup, this might just be the perfect indie brand for you. The shadows are “created especially for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers” which is fab for me since I do wear specs. Bell say that the “eyeshadow is of delicate consistency, which does not burden eyelids and guarantees a deep and lasting colour. A special process of capsulating pigments with jojoba oil esters provides a consistency that is pleasant in application. The moisturising formula makes the eyeshadow lasting and prevents it from dropping or gathering in the eyelid crease. They contain vitamins C and E.”.

In terms of the companies claims, they do work nicely when I wear glasses because you don’t feel like you have on a whole heavy lid of products yet you can see that there is shadow applied. So yes, the eyeshadows are delicate and do not burden the eyes. However, the colour pigment is not “deep”. Each shadow contains enough pigment so that on the eyelids each shadow is distinguishable but they are certainly not saturated or “deep”  in tone. – The formula does feel moisturising and my eyelids do feel noticeably softer if I use these alone with no primer, base or foundation on the eyelids. As for dropping, no, they do not drop and there’s minimal fallout. They do not gather in the crease either, primer or no.




Aside from all of that, what I’ve found is that these shadows are best used alone or alone but with a crease colour. The colour pigment in these shadows is subtle and so when you use them in looks with other shadows, apart from the black, they all look a tad shimmery and the shimmer is very cool and pale. If you use the shadows together, then you run the risk of getting a very similar colour allover regardless of the individual colours you choose. When you use them as a wash of colour over the lid, that’s when you see the underlying colour and get the best results.

My favourite combo is the brown, with the black smoked across the lash line and a warm brown in the crease to combat the cool tones.


Each individual shadow comes in a compact that also contains a curved sponge tip applicator. Ordinarily these would be found in a palette but for this I have a love/hate relationship. For that all over wash, one little sponge tip really is enough. You don’t really need to do much blending since the colours are fair. However, they don’t stay in the compact and just like in palette’s, as soon as you open them up, the applicator drops out. So…. you have to pick your battles with this one.

But anyway, these shadows are the kind of product I would go to on days when I just want to wear my glasses but not have the fact that my eyes are bare be magnified by the lenses. You can throw one of these on and just put on some mascara and rest assured that you will look put together with minimal effort. I think the positive of the less saturated pigment is that the colours do come across as very sophisticated in a late 90’s early 00’s kind of way. They’re simple. Less is more. I mean, you could throw on a bright red lip with these shadows and the end effect would be stunning.

Overall, these are very nice for day to day, work, school etc. but if you really want that cruelty free, hypoallergenic label but with vibrant colours, then I don’t think this is what you’re looking for. If you’re a big fan of neutral and slightly flirty shades, then I’d jump all over this and grab a couple. There are also lipsticks, foundations, primers, eyeshadow bases and all manner of hypoallergenic products available from Bell via BeautyCrowd.


Each shadow retails for £3.95 and can be found here.

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