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EBay Jessup Brushes Coffee/Gold (Tom Ford Dupe) Review


After seeing a fair few YouTuber’s talk about both the Tom Ford brushes (cheapest (lip) brush is £36 – GASP!) and the Jessup equivalents from Ebay I decided to place an order. I couldn’t decide which individual brushes to get so I stuck with face brushes and got the 5pc set. This set comes with a traditional flat foundation brush (01), a cream foundation brush (02), a wide flat shader (04), a bronzer brush (05) and large cheek brush (06).


01 Flat Foundation

I forgot how useful a traditional foundation brush really could be and considering this one is synthetic, it really does perform nicely. Compared to the one I have from Natio that is a much more “natural” bristle, they perform the same way. This brush is also really easy to clean because it’s synthetic and so it looks new every time with very minimal effort.

02 Cream Foundation

This is a gem! I’ve tried it with Double Wear, with B. Even and with a Kiko Foundation I bought a while back and it blends all three really well. I went back to my Elf Powder brush for a day while this was drying after a wash and I looked like I literally had a painted face. It looked so thick and unnatural in comparison to how the 02 brush made me look. The thing with this little brush is that it forces you to buff in liquid and cream products so it blends naturally with you skin and looks airbrushed. A flat kabuki places product very unnaturally. The 02 is definitely one that I need a backup of. I’d like to continue getting compliments about how good my skin looks.

04 Wide Flat Shader

This was the brush I was the most excited for and it hasn’t disappointed me. I use it mainly for those annoying tasks like applying a cream base to your lid. Literally two swipes and you’re done. It’s also really good for applying colour correctors around the mouth and in to the dark areas around the eyes. Again, this one is synthetic so colour correctors that have lots of pigment wash out easily and don’t stain. 04 is just a really handy little brush to have.

05 Bronzer

I use this brush as stated but with a cream bronzer purely because that’s what I’m enjoying right now. I haven’t really tried it with a powder bronzer yet beause I’ve been enjoying the dewy summer glow. The cream bronzer I’ve been using is the MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet Bronze and it blends out so smoothly. The brush distributes product so evenly that you get more of a holiday glow than a deliberate, harsh placement of product.

06 Cheek

I use this brush for powder and also for blush. I powder my entire face first and then concentrate colour to my cheeks. The brush really has the magic touch when it comes to blending and defusing so you get a thin and even application of powder and never look cakey but your base stays put all day. When applying blush you rarely get clown face because the brush just doesn’t allow it unless you really go ham with getting product on the brush in the first place. And if you do somehow manage to make your cheeks a bit too rosy, you can dust the brush off and go back in and buff for the gaaaawds. 06 is so soft and fluffy that you can correct your mistake easily.

As lovely as these brushes are, there were a couple of problems on arrival. The first was that they printed my mobile number on the address label and I’ve now been receiving annoying texts about buying “Ray Bans” and the second was to do with the brushes themselves.

I fully understand that some brushes are made with animal hairs and although the majority of my purchases are cruelty free, I do own some goat hair brushes. Three of these brushes looked and felt like my Zoeva Face Paint brush so I immediately thought they were not the frankly ambiguous ‘synthetic wool’ blend they Ebay store claimed they were. The other big flashing light was that they smelt like a farm. Like, straight up petting zoo smell. It was overwhelming. I washed them three times with soap, anti-bacterial soap and then with Dettol before the first use and while the wet dog smell diminished, it’s still faintly noticeable after another four or so washes.


After an initial Instagram post, Jessup messaged to say that three of the brushes were indeed animal hair as I suspected and the other two were synthetic. I know they can’t get every Ebay seller to disclose this but I wish one of the YouTubers or Bloggers that influenced this purchase from this specific seller would have flagged it instead of just praising the brushes. The whole point of reviews is to show the good and bad and if people are only talking about the good then it’s all pointless really. People need to make informed decisions.

So anyway, I was initially put off by the smell but you cannot deny that not only do the brushes look the part, they are soft as anything and they actually perform like a dream which is why I decided to give them a real try. This specific set is supposed to be a dupe for the Tom Ford brushes and I must say that they do look very similar. Unlike some Ebay brushes, these do not look cheap and the coffee/aubergine handles with flat bottoms look sleek and luxe.

All of these brushes feel super luxurious and I do tend to look forward to application more because they’re so nice to use. I would purchase this set again and other Jessup brushes if the quality of them is the same, I just really wish they were all synthetic. 😦

This set of five cost £9.31 at the time of purchase with free shipping and can be found here.

*I contacted the seller and if you do not want your number printed then leave them a “note” in the notes section and they will not print it. They have also updated the seller page and highlighted that some of the brushes are indeed made from animal hair and removed the ambiguity of the term “synthetic wool blend”.


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