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Handbag Saviours! - Beauty Made Easy Oil Blotting Sheets


If you have oily skin then you know the struggle with having a shiny face. I’m not one for over powdering or using completely flat matte base products just to avoid shine so I like to keep blotting papers handy. For the longest time I used some from the Tea Tree range at the Body Shop but I haven’t been able to find them in a while and tbh, the whole Tea Tree thing didn’t really do anything anyway. I had these pretty pink powdered blotting papers sent to me from Beauty Crowd Pro to try to see whether or not they should be stocked on the site. After trying them for a week, I say yes.

You sometimes completely forget just how important something like a blotting sheet is. You don’t want to use a tissue because some leave white fibres or rub off makeup and you don’t want to end up with a bare nose. And you don’t want to keep applying powder either because it’ll cake up and look weird and splotchy. Blotting papers are saviours because they’re just so lightweight and easy.



I’ve been getting so much use out of these already and you get a whopping 80 sheets. I don’t see any noticeable powder on them like some sites suggest but they do instantly mattify and absorb all signs of oil. I’m not sure how much these sheets will be sold for if they make it to Beauty Crowd but I think they should be no more than £4/£5.00. They’re selling for 7.49€ on some German sites and around 9.50€ on some others. There are also Green Tea and Lavender varieties but whether these will also be sold, I don’t know.

I just did a quick blot after a morning out shopping and my nose and forehead got a bit out of control. Here’s a quick photo or two…


The blotting sheets remove oil without removing powder highlighter and foundation so my nose was still highlighted just less greasy looking. I have used these all over the face while on the go and they really do work. I hope to see them on Beauty Crowd soon.


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