S K I N C A R E | O K K O – F A C E B A L M*


The sweet and fresh lemony top note of Bergamot combined with the elegant rosey and feminine note of Rose Geranium give this Face Balm a subtle and exquisite scent. 
Our Face Balm comes in 20g.
Gently apply to clean facial skin. The face balm will be absorbed quickly.


Another potential product on the Beauty Crowd site is the OKKO Face Balm. The balm has many natural oils and ingredients and smells a little bit “hippy” with its use of bergamot and rose geranium. Everything about this screams nature and on first impressions this looked like something that I would really enjoy adding to my skincare regime.

This product comes in a little eco friendly cardboard tube. To get product out you push from the bottom. I like this idea of this but I don’t think it works practically. If you push up too much, well, you just have too much. Because it melts with only a little heat, you can’t push it back down or it just breaks apart. I’m now half way through this tiny tube after four uses because of being forced to use more than i wanted to. I think this product should come in a small tub. it may be a little less kind to the environment, but it’s better than getting greasy prints all over the cardboard when your fingers get covered in it.


Another thing about this is that you get such a tiny little thing that it isn’t a case of a little actually going a long way, it’s wanting a little to go a long way. Unless you warm the balm up in your finger tips before applying it, it’s quite difficult to spread around and becomes an oil. This is good and bad. Good in that it’s super nourishing to your face and if left over night, leaves you with super soft skin but bad in that it’ll ruin your pillowcase.

Having said all of that, I do actually enjoy the product itself, it’s just a shame that what seems like such a cute little design idea really doesn’t work so well in actuality.

My favourite way to use this balm is to put four crosses on my face (cheeks, forehead and chin), then spend a good five minutes or so just working the product into the skin lightly, pushing the cheeks upwards just like your mother shows you to stop your face dropping and looking like a salt wife. If you have acne prone skin OKKO do not recommend that you do this so as not to clog pores further but since I haven’t had any breakouts and this method works for me, I’ll continue. I find that the product really does sink into your skin better this way too and your face immediately feels plumper and more youthful to the touch. I slick a bit on my lips afterwards and then hop into bed.

Using this, I haven’t had any dry patches on my face like I usually get and my face without makeup looks brighter.

I don’t recommend using this before a heavy duty foundation though. OKKO say to “let it rest, it will absorb quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and non greasy”. For me this hasn’t been the case so maybe a BB or CC (or DD or EE or whichever letter we’re at now) cream would be better in daytime for a bit of healthy “dew”.

Considering the results I’ve had with the balm, if it were to retail on Beauty Crowd for the RRP of £11.50, I would probably buy it. The Yorkshire lass in me however will grumble until the cows come home about the fact that you really don’t get very much product for the price. I guess you have to put up with some things if the product is good though.

As of now this product isn't on Beauty Crowd but you can order this fragrance, Chamomile & Neroli or an unscented version on the OKKO site.

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