B E A U T Y | E Y E L U R E & V E G A S _ N A Y*

Eyelure Collaboration Lashes w/ @Vegas_Nay – Grand Glamour | £3.98
“An alluring and original lash for full on glamour. Make a statement in this gorgeous style”.

bloglineSuperdrug are currently selling the Eyelure and Vegas_Nay lashes buy one get one half price so me and my girl Zee (TheRealBeautyEdit) decided to get a pair each to try. I went for Grand Glamour and she went for Shining Star. The total came to around £13 and then we split it.

The name Grand Glamour is no joke! These lashes are long and wispy with a  top layer of shorter lashes that curl upwards. When I tried them on they were at first super heavy but that kind of just added to the sultryness. I got used to it after a while but I only had one eye of lashes on so I probably have one buff eyelid now from the blink workout I gave it!!




The quality of the lashes are gorgeous and not unlike some minks I have even though they aren’t as soft. The glue was super easy to remove from the band as well and even though the band is super thick and dark, I found it sat better on my lashes than most others. They way they curved in the packaging was a perfect fit for me.

Each to their own but I wouldn’t wear these during the day. They look pretty but these lashes would definitely suit night time drama so me and Zee are planning on a girly night out with some of our other friends so I can take these babes for a ride. I can’t wait to see how these lashes look with some deep purple smoky eyes. I’ll probably update on Instagram.


You can read Zee’s post here and buy both styles here.

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