B E A U T Y | G R A D U A T I O N*

My Graduation Day Makeup & Outfit


On July 6th I graduated from university. It seems like an absolute age since that day but I still remember every moment. To date, it was the best day of my life. I had a few questions on the day so here’s a little post about the makeup and outfit from graduation. Mine was fairly early so there are still many people who might like and benefit from this post. If you do, let me know :).

I did a little google research before the big day about makeup for graduation and gathered a few ideas. In the end I decided to go for a bronzed type look with soft pinks and not just a very plain face. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t regret what I had done when looking back at the pictures. I tried to keep it sculpted but natural. I even used some of the skills I picked up at the Freedom and House of GlamDolls course. << Not a plug, legit what I did.

I started off by using the Freedom Pro Mattifying Primer on the cheeks, forehead and chin and then the Boots No.7 Beautifully Matte on the nose because I get super oily there and I really didn’t want to look like a glitter ball in the pictures. Graduation was on the Thames on one of the hottest days of the year. It was very likely that face melting was going to happen so I tried to keep my base as light as possible.

After I let the primers settle, I applied Illamasqua Skinbase in SB15 with a Real Techniques Stippling brush and checked my dress was crease free for the millionth time. When I want my foundation to look as natural as possible I always use the RT stippling brush and work it around in small circular motions using as little product as possible. The Skinbase is a super light foundation which was perfect for the busy day ahead. I didn’t want to have makeup caked on or look dramatic. (I left my Skinbase behind on a trip recently. I was devastated :(, need repurchase monies £32 waaaaaaah!).

My new best friend, the House of GlamDolls Glam Base Wheel provided any extra coverage I needed around the eyes and the mouth. I’ll have a post up on this soon. I used the two lightest colours underneath my eyes and on my chin and top lip and a little of the red/brown around my hairline and the perimeter of my face. It instantly gives you a soft sculpted look without caking on cream products.

I did use a little powder for my contour and that was the Freedom Pro Contour in Medium 01. This powder is quite light on me in colour and texture which is why I chose it over my Sleek Face Form which can look quite heavy. The powder is very softly and finely milled so it’s perfect to diffuse naturally which helps to avoid the whole stripy cheek thing.

Brows of course were Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow. You cannot go wrong with this palette. I used a mixture of all powders and waxes for different areas of the brow then tidied up with the brow cream highlighter.

I set all of this with Illamasqua Translucent Pressed Powder and then added MAC Ambering Rose Blush as it’s quite a copper toned pink. To compliment this I used Limit through the crease and a tiny bit of Mugshot and Factory from the Urban Decay Naked 3 on the lid. For highlight, i used Breath from the Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights palette.

**Doused face in Freedom Pro Fixing Spray** << best thing since god himself.

I added lashings of the No.7 Exceptional Dimension mascara and was going to leave it at that but then decided that I couldn’t not use my new House of GlamDolls FlutterDoll lashes. They were slightly tricky to apply but I think that was more my nervous shaking hands than anything.

To finish up, my favourite lipstick….. Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro in Looking Ahead.

I think this was a pretty product heavy post for something that turned out so simple looking but I think it all worked well together, i had a blast on the day and my makeup lasted well into the early hours of the next day!!

Finished Look:





Shoes:11025712_1103498083012660_6630514414906622134_n (1)

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