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Kiko Cleansing Face Brush Review


“Soft face brush specifically designed to be used with foaming cleaners. It removes impurities from the skin thanks to perfectly sized bristles and massages it stimulating renewal. The face appears thoroughly cleansed, smoothed and fresh”.

I just placed an order on Boots for the No.7 Cleansing Face Brush and thought it was about time I reviewed the manual Kiko face brush before I retire it.

This brush was a random purchase while I was at Kiko with my sister picking up some concealer. It’s one of those products right by the till that you don’t really need or want until you see it. At the time, I was actually looking for a facial brush, just not on the day I was in Kiko. I was breaking out a lot and found that even in the morning after deep cleaning the night before, when I washed my face, there was still makeup left behind.

I’ve used this brush with a couple of facial soaps but more often than not I’ll use the Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity and have seen a noticeable difference to my skin. It looks brighter and healthier. However, I haven’t seen much of a change in the dark areas of hyper pigmentation. Using the brush, it just seems to have skipped and ignored them. They haven’t even faded a little bit.

If I keep up with use and don’t forget to use this then I also stay break out free which means I’ll get less scarring from spots. It’s just a case of remembering.



The bristles on this brush are a little bit too long so you have to press down quite hard to get your skin feeing really clean afterwards. If you don’t, the brush just does a sort of sweep of your skin and you don’t get as much gunk out/off. I think the brush would benefit from shorter bristles but the overall shape and size of the brush is quite nice.

All in all this is a decent brush and nice for general skincare but I don’t think it’s a winner for long term use. I’ve used this since around May and other than a squeaky clean face, it’s made no difference to the over all texture and if anything has made my dark patches look darker as the skin around them gets clearer and more healthy. It’s a catch-22. Here’s hoping the no.7 brush will do better things for me.

P.S – The cap never stays on. :@


You can find the Kiko Cleansing Brush online and in store for £5.90.

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