B E A U T Y | U L T R A C O N T O U R*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette


"The complete contouring and highlighting palette is here!
The Ultra Contour Palette has eight powders for perfect contouring and sculpting.
Including eight brand new shades for contour and shaping, with an additional two of our favourite merged baked highlighters for illumination.

Assembled in a large palette with full size mirror".

This little gem is supposedly a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette but with two extra highlighters thrown in for the grand old price of £8.00!

While I was waiting for mine to arrive I asked a few friends on Instagram what their thoughts were and they pretty much all said it was great but they didn’t think the contour powders would be dark enough for me. So when I got it I actually left it for a week or two before using it because I was under  the impression that the colours weren’t suitable.




When I finally picked it up to swatch, I was surprised that they showed up on my arm but that part of my body is much lighter so of course they’d show there. When I went to use the contour powders on my face, again, I was surprised that they show and that they do a great job of adding shadow. It’s quite easy to add and defuse the contours since the powders themselves are very lightweight. I really do enjoy them. Weirdly enough, the lightest brown there second on the bottom row, is the best for adding a contour since it’s the coolest of the three. It has a very similar effect to the new Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow in Medium Deep.


In terms of the lighter powders, I must admit, other than swatching them, I haven’t used them for anything apart from a little bit of reverse contouring or as brow highlights. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews about powder face products, you’ll know that I hate when girls my skintone and deeper use “banana powder”. We do not have Kim K’s colouring, we need something made for us. – Having said that, many lighter skinned girls and guys love this powder and have said it’s great for highlighting and baking. For me personally though, nuh uh. No bueno.

The two shimmery highlights at the edge of the palette are gorgeous especially the one in the bottom right. They’re the same quality as all of my other Makeup Revolution highlight products (I have far too many), especially the ones in the Golden Sugar palette. They apply super sheer if you use a fan brush, or you can use something a bit denser and you will legitimately be seen from space. Like, if ET’s mum was wearing any of these highlighters, he would have had no trouble getting home.

All in all, this is a really nice palette and there are a handful of comparison posts and videos out there showing side by side swatches of the six original ABH shades and they look pretty much the same. If you’re wanting to contour on a budget then this is definitely the palette for you. Forget Maybelline Master Sculpt, forget any other bandwagon fad contour kit, grab this if you’re a professional or just a makeup lover and you’re all set.

You can buy this and many other palettes here.

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