B E A U T Y | U N I C O R N S U N I T E*

Unicorns Unite Lipstick Full Collection Review w/ Swatches


Straight off of the bat, this looks like a fun collection for dress-up, mixing and general experimentation. There are a couple of colours that could be worn by most people everyday depending on skin tone and then a handful of fun and slightly whacky colours for more daring guys and dolls or more theatrical occasions.

My first impressions were that the colours worked well, complimented each other and fit the theme. Also, as much as a silver or a gold lipstick would fit here, MUR steered away from that and gave us some practical colours with good pigment instead.


My favourites are Magical (deep purple) and  Legend (light purple/grey). I just think purples look lovely on dark skin so I always tend to go to them no matter what shade of purple it is. Magical is a very easy colour to wear. Legend however, is not so easy. Any colour with a grey undertone has the tendency to make you look a bit dead but greige is very chic and in right now, so….. This colour does believe it or not, make me look very pale BUT, for zombie or vampire makeup, this would be the colour you want. Grey is one of, if not my actual favourite colour so I’m a big fan of Legend whether I can wear it or not. I have been trying to find a way to wear this colour a bit more convincingly but having recently started postgrad Law and attending a lot of fairs and events, grurple (LOL) was so not the colour to make a professional impression teheehee.

Horn of Magic is a very daring colour and also has the least pigment so it would take a fair bit to make it work unless it was as a central colour in an ombre or something similar as part of a very specific look. I can imagine you could even use this maybe for a mermaid makeup look and use it as highlighter. If I were a halloween type person, that’s exactly what i’d do. Just slap that baby all over the high points and chuck some glitter and Vegas Nay lashes on and BAM! Glam & Gore avant garde with half the effort.

Pink Myth is a very pretty colour but is a bit too bold for me on my skintone. I’ve been applying it, blotting heavily until it’s a stain and then applying clear gloss. This is quite an emollient lipstick so even if the colour looked right with dark skin all on it’s own, i’d still probably blot it down, just maybe not add the gloss and use a brown lipliner instead. I think however that on medium skintones, especially those with olive undertones, this colour is the perfect type of pink as it has some orange and red peaking through.

Finally, Thorn. A very pretty and girly pink/purple/silver this colour is great again for accenting the centre of the lips. I’ve always been one to mix makeup and so adding a hot pink that for me is otherwise unwearable to Thorn, I can get use out of the (pink) lipstick that I’ve bought but never wear. I’ve mixed Thorn also with a berry gloss which gives a lovely effect. I’m a big fan of the new shades that Thorn helps you to create.

The formula of all five lipsticks is similar to the original Amazing Lipstick formula yet these have a completely different scent. These actually smell like sherbet. Or more specifically Stingers! (if anyone remembers those). Even if the lipsticks were pants, which they aren’t, I would love them purely for this childhood scent.

I think, under the circumstances, the fact that there are no matte shades is entirely appropriate. How many matte unicorns have you seen wandering about? They’re all shiny and glorious creatures with long flowing manes. I bet they all use Herbal Essences or something. – Overall, I like this little collection and surprisingly, will and have already, get/got a fair bit of use.

You can buy the full collection here for £5 or, buy individual shades here 
for £1 each! - For unicorn themed eyeshadows, click here.

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