B E A U T Y | P R O S T R O B E*

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Palette w/ Brush Review & Swatches



Freedom is here!!!!…… Again. And they’re back with a whole host of new products and professional dupes. The first product I’ll review is this little gem, the Pro Strobe palette.

“The Pro Powder Strobe Palette contains everything you need to finish, brighten, contour, and highlight your skin. Includes: 2x Matte Highlighters, 1x Shimmer Highlighter, 3x Matte Contours, 1x Pro Strobe Brush.”

bloglineI’ve had by far the most questions about this palette since posting a picture of all the great stuff I was sent on Instagram so I thought I’d strike while the iron was still hot and put this post out first.



First off, the palette comes in a box with a brush which I like. To most that wouldn’t really be a big deal but It really does add to the pro feel. The box also has helpful placement tips and diagrams on the top and the sides so it reduces the need for extra paper help sheets as it’s all there in one place.



The palette of course is sturdy black plastic that looks very sleek and professional. The layout inside is also quite appealing. It has four square and two rectangular powders just like the Lorac Pro Contour Palette. – I’m not saying it’s a dupe…. but it looks pretty dupe-y to me. And with a £20 price difference, I know which I’d opt for. The only real difference between the two is that Lorac’s palette is made from tough cardboard. Both come with a brush.

I used the brush a la Nikkie Tutorials for foundation (Friday) and it applied like a dream. I would never have thought to apply foundation with a flat contour style brush before but you really get good coverage and cover more at a time. It blends foundation seamlessly without cake face. I think I’ve found my new everyday brush.

The brush looks exactly like the Elf Studio Contouring brush but at £7.50 plus potential customs charges to the UK, if you’re looking at buying that, you may as well spend the £2.50 extra and get a fab strobing palette too.



The powders themselves are super soft and very cool toned. No orange hues here at all. Best of all, even on me, these shades work! They provide just enough pigment to create shadow without having harsh dark lines. Hopefully you can see that from the swatches below. Some other powders are just a bit too rich for me but here the colours are just right for light and dark skins.

The medium contour shade is also perfect for reverse contouring.



What I like the most about this palette is that you can truly go either or; strobe or contour depending on you’re feeling. You can even be a bit more dramatic and pull out both light and dark areas of the face for a full glam effect. If you’ve really gotten onto this whole trend, want to see what it’s about or even find products that can be used on clients, then definitely check this and its creme counterpart out. At £10.00 with a really good quality synthetic brush thrown in too, you can’t go wrong.


To check out the new lines click here and view my previous post about the new products here. Don’t forget, if you sign up to the newsletter you can receive 20% off of your order.



2 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | P R O S T R O B E*

  1. Dorota Gornicka says:

    I’ve ordered the creme version as I already own too many powder contour palettes 😉 Can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m glad the shades aren’t orange. I may get this one, once it appears in the Superdrug in few weeks. I’d like to swatch it on my paler than pale skin lol


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