B E A U T Y | F I L M S T A R B R O N Z E & G L O W*

Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Medium Dark Review w/ Swatches


"This is a secret that silver screen sirens have kept to themselves for 
years – and once I share it with you – so will you! With FILMSTAR BRONZE 
& GLOW you can slim, sculpt, shorten, trim and highlight your features. 
It’s amazing what clever shading and highlighting tricks can do to your 
facial framework - it’s an illusion that I use all the time, particularly 
for red carpet scrutiny, and my clients can’t get enough of it. Take what 
you were born with and maximise your assets with FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW!

This shade is perfect for medium to dark skin tones, or deep tans, to 
contour features and mimic a sun-kissed complexion.

• The bronzer is the perfect universal blend of pearl and pigment to 
contour features and mimic a sun-kissed complexion.

• The highlighter is built up from a golden base that flatters any skin 
tone, and uses Light Flex Technology to capture light and radiate it out 
for a luminous complexion

• Colour-rich pigments are rolled into elastomer pearls that smooth & 
buff the skin for excellent blendability & perfect colour uniformity".

I had a little splurge as a present to myself the week this new bronze palette released on Charlotte’s site and even though it’s priced at £49.00, I just had to do it. Like most dark skinned girls I had seen and heard all about the original but there was just no way it was dark enough for us. I think Charlotte has made the right move in creating products (foundation, concealer etc.) that darker skinned people can use and this Bronze & Glow is one of the most sought after of them all.

First mention, packaging. And I don’t just mean the compact itself, I mean the entire packaging experience. Just take a look at this bundle of luxury…


The box itself if plain cardboard on the outside but inside is plush as far as cardboard goes ahaha. There’s a gorgeous advertisement on the underneath and the package comes wrapped in good quality bubble wrap and then in this gorgeous maroon/aubergine tissue paper. The invoice comes in a cream envelope embossed with “CT”. Which other makeup brand out there has invoices in an expensive envelope? Which other brand puts this much effort in period? – The box is so lush that I still have it safely tucked away in my bedroom because it’s too pretty to throw out.

Now some might find excessive packaging to be unnecessary but for this, it really does add to the old time feel. If you bought cosmetics in the early 20th century then likelihood is you had it secretly ordered from a magazine or advertisement and it was delivered to you, probably in the same way naughty parcels from the internet might be delivered today. Teeheehee. During the 20’s when makeup became much more widely used in England, it was allllllll luxury. Tissue paper to cradle your purchase, a pretty little box, a ribbon…. Charlotte has really managed to give that extravagant feel with both the outer packaging and the compact. It’s all very refined and classy and worth the money in my opinion. Charlotte has created collectors items, not just makeup.







And then under all of that gorgeous wrapping, we get to the actual product.  She’s glorious! The embossing on the palette is also on the powders themselves and the art-deco effect is beyond beautiful.


Now, in the advertisements the sculpting powder looked much darker than it does in the pan and in the swatches below. I think someone over at CT was getting a bit too happy with the contrast toggle. I was quite surprised when it arrived and it was quite light. As in, only just noticeably deeper than the original. On the one hand I’m pretty bummed out that pretty much anyone darker than me is going to have trouble getting this to work as a contour or bronzer but on the other hand… it’s just deep enough for me.

My swatches:


The bronze shade is not warm, it’s definitely still very ash toned which is perfect for adding shadow. It’s also got just the right of pigment so there is no possible way to add too much and end up with black stripes as you can with richer powders. There is a tiny micro shimmer in it which adds to the luxurious feel of the product. There’s something “Old Hollywood” about it, don’t ask me what though.

The highlighter is perfect. It’s a mix between a gold and a bronze and so it suits “us” all. In the right lighting you really do get a divine glow. It’s certainly not glittery but there is a very definite luminosity. It’s really very difficult not to just cover the entire face and call it a day.

Both sides last just about all day even if you use an emollient foundation. I’ve had it for a few months now and have barely dented either side and that’s not from lack of use it’s just that the product itself regulates how much you use. – The only downside is that the a little tarnished on the top :(.

Overall I do really like this duo but feel a bit let down by the advertisements that promised something that “we could all use”. This is just another one of those products that does not deliver in that sense. It does however deliver in every other. Brownie points for pigment, product and packaging definitely. Who knows, maybe there might be a dark-deep Filmstar Bronze & glow one day?

If this or any other Charlotte Tilbury product tickles your fancy then take 
a look here.

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