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Collection Work the Colour Matt Lip Butter Review w/ Swatches


I was in ASDA the other day doing a food shop, ended up in the makeup aisle of course and saw that the Collection stand had a lot of good deals so I picked up this chubby lip crayon in the shade Crimson Velvet for £2.47 (RRP £2.99).


These lip chubbies are very similar in texture to the Clinique chubby sticks and also surprisingly to the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks except these have a tiny bit less staying power because they’re not completely matte unless you run whatever is left on your powder brush over your lips. These are thick but very smooth, again, probably because they’re not truly matte. Having worn it, despite the fact that it still has some movement, the colour doesn’t bleed even if it does transfer it bit. It doesn’t bunch up either when you talk a lot so no icky white line.

The smell is quite pleasant too. It’s not too artificial or chemically scented which some more affordable products can tend to be. This just smells a little sweet but not fruity.



There are six different shades, three matte and three more sheer/buttery. ASDA didn’t have any others in stock so I wasn’t able to get any others but Boots and Superdrug are both running 3for2 right now with all colours in stock online so if you want to pick any of the other up you can from here and here.

This was just a quick little review of quite a nice little handbag friendly product. If you’re not afraid to rock red in the day then this one is the perfect tone. If you want to fire up a daytime look for an evening out then again, look no further.


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