H A I R C A R E | D G J H O N E Y D E W*

DGJ Organics Hair Juice Shampoo & Conditioner Review


The DGJ Organics range was originally developed by celebrity hairdresser 
and colourist Daniel Galvin Junior 10 years ago when there were no 
organic haircare products available. All products were rigorously salon 
tested and approved by Daniel and these very formulas are those still 
used today.

Our protein enriched shampoo and conditioner for frequent use self 
adjusts to individual hair and scalp requirements. Formulated with 
vitamins, honey, wheat protein and honeydew melon, it promotes strong 
hair and healthy scalp. Leaving your hair fresh and clean the organic 

My hair had been dry and lackluster after too much dry shampoo and hairspray during the week and really needed a pick me up. My usual shampoo is the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration since dry hair is my biggest problem. When I was sent the DGJ hairjuice I thought “yessss, perfect, just what I need”. First impressions were that the scent was lovely even thought I really dislike melon (usually watermelon). The shampoo is clear and quite liquidy. It isn’t thin it’s just not as thick as my usual heavy duty shampoo. The conditioner is again, quite liquidy but much more nourishing than anything else I’ve used recently.

Unfortunately the honeydew melon scent didn’t linger too long from the shampoo or the conditioner but the shampoo itself did strip the crap out of my hair without leaving it dry and brittle. In fact, it was quite the opposite and my hair was super soft after half an hour with the conditioner on while I had a nice soak on Friday night. I don’t think it needed half an hour, the bottle says three minutes! Ha. But you know how you just get sucked into bath time and forget all about things.

As far as shampoo’s and conditioners go, despite the fact that the natural organic ingredients don’t allow for many suds, my hair was clean and soft which is all you really need from hair products like this. The melon scent is great as you’re washing your hair and leaves the bathroom smelling fruity. Overall I’m really pleased with this shampoo and look forward to every use!

Both the shampoo and conditioner are priced at £4.99.

Makeup Revolution stock the everyday range including Hair Juice and 
Clarifying products, the specialist range with Thickening and Argan Oil 
products, a Colour Care range for those of you with treated or coloured 
hair and a kids range with everything from lice repellant to swim shampoo! 
You can find them all here with all products from DGJ Buy 1 get 1 Free 
until December 1st!!

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