B E A U T Y | U L T R A C R E A M CO N T O U R*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette Review w/Swatches


The Ultra Cream Contour Palette has 8 creams for perfect contouring, 
defining and sculpting.

If we’re being honest, which I always am around here, then when I first saw this palette I didn’t initially say “that’s something I need”. I said, “well, that’s something I’d like but wont rush out to get’. When the parcel dropped on my doorstep and I unwrapped it, for some reason I was drawn to it anyway. There’s just something about untouched cream products!

So I took my usual blog shots, did my foundation and sat down to see what Ultra Cream was all about.



I started with the contour shades which are a tad bit too light for me to use. They do give a very subtle shadow so I’ve been using them around my temples and jawline and not for a cheek contour. I don’t like to see palettes with only some products used, seems like a waste, so I’ll always try and use each thing for something and so far that works for me and adds a bit of dimension back to the perimeter of my face.

Next I tried cream highlighting and this is where I saw the best results. If you’ve ever read a post of mine before about face products then you’ll know that me and “banana” products have a love/hate/loathe/canwejustnot/pleaseandthankyou kind of relationship. However, mixing this banana shade with the more peachy/brown tone on the bottom right gives an absolutely glorious under-eye highlight. After ten minutes or so it melts into your skin and mixes with your foundation so it’s seamless and not too harsh. There’s a picture below… – I’m not blowing my own trumpet but a) I thought I looked good that day and b) lots of random people told me I looked good that day. So maybe banana isn’t so bad after all.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 14.55.50

I did say I don’t like to leave products unused but the first shade is too pale. The third is a nice one for tidying your brow but only when used sparingly otherwise it can look a bit stark on darker skins. Give it a good blend and you’re good to go.


Finally, the highlight cream. You know that scene where Hagrid is feeling the unicorns blood and it’s soft and silky; silver with flecks of gold. Just pretty looking. Well, that’s this highlight. (See pics above and below). It’s not one for everyday unless you’re quite fair but it is one that would look awesome on a night out and especially in pictures because it catches the light beautifully.



The creams are quite thick and pigmented but not overly opaque so you don’t get too harsh of a line and it’s not too difficult to blend in.

You can get yours here for only £8.00 or, check out my previous post on the 
original Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit dupe, Ultra Contour!

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