H A I R C A R E | P A R T Y R E F R E S H*

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Party Refresh Review

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Refresh your hair with Herbal Essences Fresh Balance dry shampoo that 
contains a refreshing citrus fragrance and natural tapioca. Use 
in-between shampoos, to refresh your hair and your senses.

Travelling by train four days a week means I sped a lot of time in train stations and transport hubs. it also means that I buy random beauty bits just to pass time. It’s never anything expensive or over the top. iIt’s just that I’m now able to snap up bargains because I’m first in the shop in the morning and close to last out when I travel home. I’ve been waiting for dry shampoo’s to have some sort of reduction because £4 for a can of white mist is just not on!! On this occasion I bought one from Herbal Essences and another from Dove instead of my usual Colab London scent.

I use dry shampoo less for keeping my hair “clean” and more for adding texture and mattifying. Most people who wear extensions or a weave want hair to be shiny or have a sheen and look “new” but I prefer the feel of matte hair, it’s easier to curl, easier to tousle…. just more comfortable for me.

So what I look for in a dry shampoo is, well….. dryness. So when I tried this “Party Re-fresh”. fragrance I was surprised when it settled on my hair as weird liquid droplets. Then it transformed into a dry liquid with no white residue. It was very bizzare but does help add lots of texture.

Even though I wasn’t looking for it to, the shampoo definitely made my hair feel less greasy which is surprising because I’ve been using a lot of leave in conditioner lately to bring a bit of life back.

The scent is definitely floral but I can’t pin point the exact scent I smell when I use it. It’s not unpleasant and doesn’t smell too artificial but I don’t think it’s citrus like the description suggests.

All in all, a good product. Still not as good as Batiste or Colab, but nice all the same.

Get your freshness boost here for £1.47!



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