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I’ve been testing out Freedom’s new skincare products and have a little run down here for you.

The one thing I’ll say first off is that I’m a big fan of the packaging of all Freedom Skincare (Prime, Fix, Cleanse) products. They’re not quite luxe, but they are sleek and stylish. The reflective silver is really nice on the bathroom shelf and looks super modern.

Freedom Pro Studio Glow Tonic is a professional exfoliating Toner that evens out skin tone for a clearer, brighter more glowing complexion. Using a professional formula, enriched with Glycolic Acid, Ginseng and Aloe Vera, this gentle Tonic helps remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, softer more radiant skin.

IMG_0797I’ve heard a lot about glycolic products and have seen many YouTuber’s attributing their skin transformations to use of products that contain glycolic acid so of course when this dropped on my doorstep I was intrigued. I’ve been using the Glow Tonic as directed for over two weeks and while I still can’t  say that my skin is “glowing”, there’s definitely a marked improvement in texture, dulness and fulness. My face feels a little bit firmer and looks a bit more vibrant but that’s only straight after use. The scent is a sweet and heady mix that is really enjoyable. My skin just drinks this stuff up. Definite repurchase. (RRP. £6.00)

Freedom Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover is an extremely effective yet gentle professional cleanser that instantly removes waterproof and HD makeup from the most sensitive eyes. This lightweight remover moisturises and smoothes eyelids without feeling greasy.

IMG_0796I always forget to use a specific eye makeup remover when I take my makeup off and just use micellar solution or something but I have been making a conscious effort to remember since getting this. I’ve also always found cream removers to be a bit fiddly because you have to spread them a bit before you put the cotton round on your eye but with the effect you get with this one I’m all for a bit of extra work. I’ve been wearing lashings of mascara and sometimes falsies recently so this has been the perfect couple of weeks for testing. What I’ve found is that it works best with non-waterproof mascaras and whether it’s a tubing mascara or not, the mascara comes off in lumps/tubes instead of a big black mess so that’s a plus since I don’t usually wear waterproof formulas anyway. Eyeshadow and liner are no problem and if you just hold the cotton against the lash line for ten seconds on each eye, it will pick up any remaining product from between the lashes.

It is definitely mild and sensitive too; I’ve had no irritation and Lord knows I’m not the most careful with products around my eyes. I think for the price it’s a handy little product and I do only use it when I remember to so it will last me a fair while. (RRP. £5.00)

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream is a hydrating, rich moisturiser with skin-nourishing ingredients including olive derived Squalane and Shea Butter to firm, protect and rejuvenate.

IMG_0787It’s very rare that I love skincare from the outset but I must say, this cream is the nicest feeling I’ve ever used and that’s saying something! My skin is dry most of the time on my body but my face is prone to oily patches but then also some pretty hefty dry ones at the same time so moisturisers and general face products are a bit of an arse for me because “combo” products never really do the trick. This moisture cream is a winner for the simple fact that it doesn’t break down and turn into oil itself because of the fatty acids inside but it still manages to hydrate my dry patches. I am absolutely flawed by this little miracle jar.

I watched a couple of Wayne Goss tutorials a while back and his top tip was to moisturise, moisturise and then moisturise again before makeup and as long as you really work it into the skin, your base will always look amazing. Since switching from my usual cream, I’ve started applying two layers, really worked into the skin, then primer, then (another Goss tip) a light dusting of translucent powder before my foundation and I swear, it’s just amazing.

Again my skin feels super plump and hydrated, totally refreshed and the scent is similar to the Glow Tonic so it’s sweet and lush smelling. If anyone asks me what I want for Christmas I’ll just say “Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream, please and thank you” and I’ll be happy. 🙂 (RRP. £7.00)


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