F I T N E S S | S T E P O N E*

Step 1: Identifying the Problem – Getting up off of my ass!


This NOT  a New Year’s resolution. I repeat, this is not a New Year’s resolution. It is a lifetime resolution. I have just had it with feeling like crap so I’m going to do something about it. I’m not going to sit here and make any promises about weight loss and looking like some Instagram fitness babe but I am going to “declare” my intention to lose weight and start feeling more like me or rather, more like the me I feel like in my head.

After a breakup earlier in the year and the loss of some close friends I hadn’t even realised but I began comfort eating. Chinese, Pizza, cookies, Haribo. And it’s only last week that I realised there was anything wrong.

I’m in the hospital and I’m asked to strip off and put on a gown. So I strip off, go to pick up the gown and catch myself in the full length mirror. Deep creases in my back and sides where stuff is starting to roll over. Thighs that I can no longer say are large and defined from years of Rugby. They’re just plain wobbly. And all I could think was, when did this happen? Continue reading


T O O L S | W H A T ‘ S I N M Y RT M I R A C L E S P O N G E?*

What’s IN my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge?

rtspongethumbI always see those scripted and planned “What’s in my bag/phone/house/life” videos on YouTube so I was thinking, what’s something beauty related that you really can’t plan. BAM – Beauty Blender! And then I realised, I’m not ballin’ enough to spend £20 on a sponge, but I do have the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and I had just repurchased a new one at Superdrug so taking a peek inside the old one would be fine.

I kept hearing horror stories about girls finding lumps of mould and whatever else inside their sponges because we mostly use them damp, probably don’t wash them enough and use them every day with a whole heap of oily products. The thought really freaked me out that I might open it up and find a colony and realise that I’ve been putting it on my face every other day not realising. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | E X O T I C A D O L L*

Freedom & house of GlamDolls ExoticaDoll Palette Review.


A couple of weeks ago a surprise palette came to me from Freedom Makeup and House of Glamdolls. Since doing a course with them in July I’ve been wondering what else we’d see from the pair together as both do some wonderful products on their own.

What they came up with were four GlamDoll look palettes that ooze creativity. If you’ve ever been or get to go to the GlamDoll studios (pics in my post here) you’ll see the quirky design and colourful space and these palettes reflect this.  Even without the direction cards the colours in each palette make you want to play around and be adventurous more so than if you bought any other kind of themed palette.

And you don’t have to stick to any one theme either. Here I have the ExoticaDoll palette but you don’t just have to create a bright and exotic look. There are neutrals here that allow you to just add colour in small areas. you could be exotic with the bright greens and blues or you could be glam with the gold shadow and red lip. It’s a mix and match kinda palette and I love it. Continue reading

H A U L | D R U G S T O R E F O U N D A T I O N*

Drugstore Foundation Haul/ Review 2015 (Dark Skin) – Favourite Products for Mixingblogline


I always enjoy mixing foundstions. I mean, it would be better to just have one foundation but mixing is always best when you’re transitioning to different seasons or if your skin just doesn’t sit right with one particular formula even if the colour is perfect. I can’t remember the last day I put on foundation that wasn’t mixed with something so I thought i’d show you the four drugstore foundations I like to mix. (I might do a high end version soon). Besides, so many brands are coming out with products to mix into foundations to get the perfect shade if they don’t carry one for you so it really isn’t that big of a deal anymore!

Here’s what I’m working with: