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I always enjoy mixing foundstions. I mean, it would be better to just have one foundation but mixing is always best when you’re transitioning to different seasons or if your skin just doesn’t sit right with one particular formula even if the colour is perfect. I can’t remember the last day I put on foundation that wasn’t mixed with something so I thought i’d show you the four drugstore foundations I like to mix. (I might do a high end version soon). Besides, so many brands are coming out with products to mix into foundations to get the perfect shade if they don’t carry one for you so it really isn’t that big of a deal anymore!

Here’s what I’m working with:



You can see the four different tones that I mix and match with.



Revlon Colorstay – Combination/ Oily | Caramel – £12.99

I was on a Revlon boycott after the racist comments made by the CEO but you just can’t beat this foundation for texture. I used three different high end foundations between repurchasing and that lasted me almost a year just because I refused to buy Revlon. The colour doesn’t really work but the foundation itself is a great base for mixing colours into so for that reason, and the fact that it doesn’t budge, I keep repurchasing.


Rimmel Match Perfection | Mocha – £7.99

The Rimmel has  the best overall formula of the four but the colour is a tad too dark so I add a little Revlon to lighten it up a bit or a bit of B. Even to add the caramel colour back in. The Mocha and even the Deep Mocha shades, the only dark shades in the range, are just too grey/white which is exactly how Mocha should be if you think of coffee, but in terms of foundation? Grey isn’t an undertone we want unless it’s contour.


B. Even Oil Control | Caramel – £10.99

I was obsessed with this foundation for a while. Totally and utterly obsessed. The colour is perfect, the scent was perfect. I didn’t break out, it looked flawless on application and then BAM! One day during summer I looked at myself in the mirror and I WAS HORRIFIED. If you have peach fuzz, this will create a weird dark ring around the root of each hair so you end up looking like a spackled/congealed mess. This only happens when it’s hot outside or if you’ve been doing something strenuous. For correcting the tones of dull foundations, this one is great because it’s very gold but for full face, full day makeup, I would not reccomend this unless you live somewhere with mild weather all year round which you really cannot guarantee if you live in the bipolar UK.

**Most of the colours have been taken off of the website but you can definitely still find it in stores!


L’Oreal True Match Foundation | Deep Golden -£9.99

I mistakenly bought this foundation when the new formula launched and all of the shade names and number were changed. On the Boots website this was (is?) only listed as Deep Golden with no corresponding number. Am I deep? Ja. Do I wanna be golden? Uh huh. Usually on a scale of 1-10 I’d go for something between a 7 & an 8 so when I opened my parcel and this was a 10.5 I was a bit like…… But then I started using it to contour the face and bronze the edges and that made me look really healthy. So I started mixing one pump into my foundation and the overall effect was one that made me look much more alive. I never realised how washed out my other products made me look until I started mixing this. I couldn’t be without this now This helped me put some of the black back!! 😀

**I didn’t buy all of these from Superdrug, but for ease, the red links to purchase are to Superdrug only. Besides, they usually have the best deals and it’s still 3for2!
 What are your favourite foundations for mixing?

4 thoughts on “H A U L | D R U G S T O R E F O U N D A T I O N*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      B. Are really good at advertising but the products never quite live up to the hype. I rushed to Superdrug to look at the new contour/highlight sticks. The packaging is a gorgeous copper/rose but the products were quite waxy.


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      The congealing was very off outing until I started using less of it. I think the main problem is that I’m a full face gal and although you can get full face from it, it really isn’t made for full face at all! The more you put on the worse it looks! I had to learn that the hard way 😂😅 #TrialAndError


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