B E A U T Y | E X O T I C A D O L L*

Freedom & house of GlamDolls ExoticaDoll Palette Review.


A couple of weeks ago a surprise palette came to me from Freedom Makeup and House of Glamdolls. Since doing a course with them in July I’ve been wondering what else we’d see from the pair together as both do some wonderful products on their own.

What they came up with were four GlamDoll look palettes that ooze creativity. If you’ve ever been or get to go to the GlamDoll studios (pics in my post here) you’ll see the quirky design and colourful space and these palettes reflect this.  Even without the direction cards the colours in each palette make you want to play around and be adventurous more so than if you bought any other kind of themed palette.

And you don’t have to stick to any one theme either. Here I have the ExoticaDoll palette but you don’t just have to create a bright and exotic look. There are neutrals here that allow you to just add colour in small areas. you could be exotic with the bright greens and blues or you could be glam with the gold shadow and red lip. It’s a mix and match kinda palette and I love it.

I’ve been staying away from home a lot recently so have been having to keep the makeup I take to a minimum (which is funny because it’s still so not minimum compared to some other travel collections). For a week straight I used this palette alone. All I brought extra were powder, mascara, liquid liner and brushes because I was secure in the knowledge that pretty much any makeup look I came up with would go together without the need for other products.




For review purposes I'll break the palette down into the order of how I 
would use them first and talk about each category of products.


Brow → Brunette | Ebony | Taupe | Bark

exoticadollbrowAll four brow powders are smooth and soft but have a great amount of grip to them so you don’t get brow powder fallout on your face after you’ve spent an age doing your base. I like a mix of all four of the powders and am yet to use just one on its own but my favourite is Bark. It’s not quite jet black like ebony is so it’s much more natural looking even for someone with naturally black hair. Brunette is a bit too auburn but mixed with Bark and Taupe it’s great for the front of the brow so you don’t end up looking too boxy.

Powders → Sultry | Feline | Sensual | Exotica | Enhance | Charm


As far as colours go, this group of six suit each other perfectly. The word gets thrown about a lot but these really are pigmented! I haven’t had any trouble with staying powder and find that all six colours are flattering. I’m particularly drawn to the red/brown/copper. It surprised me how nice it looked with brown skin and brown eyes!

I did notice that this selection looks very similar to the Gilded collection from the Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Armory but haven’t rooted them out to do side by side comparison. From memory, the gilded collection was super buttery and pigmented and think they just have the edge over these. So if you;re looking for any partocular colour on its own, there’s an option here for £1 each.

Pops → Jet | Tempt | Envy | Pure


These colours are probably what drew us all to the palette aren’t they, and I must say that purples, greens and turquoise’s are my favourite colours for adding something extra to a bog standard eye look. I will always be the first to rock a teal mascara on the lower lash line or throw a purple all over the lid so this palette is like it’s made for colour lovers like me!

I will admit that I haven’t used pure for anything yet but it is super smooth and as far as whites go, it shows up pretty well without being patchy. Jet is one of the blackest blacks I’ve seen, it just lacks a little bit of staying powder like say a MAC Carbon or Sleek Noir.

I saw Anatomiqe do a look using only Envy on Instagram and it looked gorgeous but I have only used it and Tempt on the outer corner or lower lash line so far. Both perform really well with and without a white base so the colour you see here really is the colour you get on your eye.

Blush/Bronze → Sculpts | Mystery


Obviously I can’t use the bronzer as bronzer but i do find that these types of bronze/browns are great to set any base on the lid or just to apply all over before other shadows so that they blend out easier. If you are of a complexion that suits this sculpting powder though I don’t think you’d be disappointed. No orange tones, no shimmer and a smooth consistency sounds like a winner to me.

As for Mystery, the blush. This is the perfect playful colour that has hints of red and purple in it so it can be worn by most people. If none of these products had names I’d have called it Tropical or Exotic. It really does suit the theme of the palette overall and especially goes well with the orange/red lip colours.

Lips → Bitten | Seduce | Pout | Naked

exoticadolllipsI wouldn’t call any of these four “lipsticks”, they’re all more like a waxy gel, similar to a Topshop Jelly or a Sleek Pout Polish but with a tiny bit more pigment. I’m always skeptical of palette lip products because they always feel cheap but these feel a much better quality than the norm. They’re a lot thicker for one. The colours are very fitting but of course, as we all know, putting lip products next to powder products is always a nightmare if you’re not careful.

If I could change anything I’d put the lip products at the top so at least the powders that got into them wouldn’t be black and dark brown. Overall, i’m really quite impressed with the effect these give on the lips. They’re all quite flirty, make the lips look full, fruity and juicy and remind me of a pretty Polynesian girl somewhere lush in the South Pacific! The colours look best used with your finger and a dabbing motion but if you use a brush, you get some full on tropical and fruity smackers!

Highlights → Light | Haze | Starlight


No palette would be complete without highlight shades and here you have a choice of three. A buttery matte cream colour, a shimmery champagne and a more white based shimmer. If you count Pure, the matte white, you really have four. The shimmers can be a little intense you use a light hand unless you’re really going for a glow!

ExoticaDoll Look


The palette comes with a little instruction booklet that takes you through a look using some of the products provided. The first timex I used the palette I followed this to the letter and got what I thought was a very pretty look that was very clearly supposed to be exotic themed. i especially loved how the purple tied in on the yes and then had hints in the blush.

I tried to get some decent pictures but the light was not the best that day at all. But here’s how it looked all together!


I think that having a palette like this that really has everything you need is just perfect for people on the go. The fact that you can create fun and exotic looks too means you can dabble and experiment. That’s the joy of a palette. Sure, you get less in each shadow but you get more freedom to choose and play around. The variety and price point of Freedom products make this palette, the others in the collection and all Freedom products must haves to let your wild side out!

If you'd like to purchase the Exotica Doll palette, click here, or for any 
of the other three, here.

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