T O O L S | W H A T ‘ S I N M Y RT M I R A C L E S P O N G E?*

What’s IN my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge?

rtspongethumbI always see those scripted and planned “What’s in my bag/phone/house/life” videos on YouTube so I was thinking, what’s something beauty related that you really can’t plan. BAM – Beauty Blender! And then I realised, I’m not ballin’ enough to spend £20 on a sponge, but I do have the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and I had just repurchased a new one at Superdrug so taking a peek inside the old one would be fine.

I kept hearing horror stories about girls finding lumps of mould and whatever else inside their sponges because we mostly use them damp, probably don’t wash them enough and use them every day with a whole heap of oily products. The thought really freaked me out that I might open it up and find a colony and realise that I’ve been putting it on my face every other day not realising.

I didn’t wash it the last time I used it, hence its sorry state, but here’s a bit of background. I’ve had this one sponge for about six months (three months longer than reccomended but who sticks to those rules?), and I wash it every other time I use it with whatever soap is around (usually Dr Bronners Original Peppermint Magic Castile Soap). If I remember to, I’ll put it on the radiator to minimise the time it stays wet but if not it usually just gets left on the bathroom side to dry. I really didn’t take the best care of it and sometime I stop washing before it looks completely done but I really did not know what to expect when I opened it up….

But… *Drumroll please* rtspongeinside There was nothing. The entire inside of the sponge looked like it had never even seen water let alone dark brown, foundation saturated water that would stain the vibrant original orange colour. There were no marks bar one tiny dot. Nothing growing, nothing alive! The fear was for nothing at all. Which then made me wonder….. What kind of care do those people who find lumps of mould take of their sponges……. There’s some food for thought!

What's in your sponge?
Have you ever had any scary makeup surprises? 
You can get your RT Sponges for £3.33 or £6.66 for a pack of 2 while stocks 
last at Superdrug. RRP £5.99

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