B E A U T Y | M A T T E B L U S H*

Makeup Revolution Matte Blush Swatches & Review | £3.00



Blends Beautifully for a natural, long lasting matte finish. Six shades to choose from.  Meet your new boyfriend: his name is Matte, and he’s here to make you blush.

bloglineToday I’m reviewing three of the fabulous Makeup Revolution Matte Blushes. I have Nude, Fusion and New Rules. These are the three darkest and three warmest colours. There are three paler pink/purple shades that are cool toned with a white/blue base, all priced at £3.00 each (£2.00 currently in the sale!). You can find them here. Continue reading


H A U L | B E A U T Y C R O W D*

Beauty Crowd January Clearout – 50% off Mini Haul/ First Impressions

BEAUTYCROWDUKHAULTHUMB.jpgAn email pinged into my inbox one morning and half an hour later I had chosen some products from the Beauty Crowd January clearout. Everything on site was 50% off if your total was over £20. You also got free shipping over £20.

I tried  these products on Thursday and I am well and truly impressed by the quality for such a good price!

I initially had six products chosen but one was refunded because of problems with shipping quantities so I’m now without the LA Girl USA HD Pro Setting Powder 😦

What I did get however was…. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | V E L V E T L I P S*

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer Review w/Lip & Arm Swatches


This is your salvation to get perfect matte lips that are touch proof. 
A long lasting lip gloss that goes on as a liquid and dries to a highly 
pigmented, bold matte finish which stays in place for hours!

You may remember my first ever Makeup Revolution post here, since then the brand has dominated the budget market in the UK and have released some absolutely stellar products. My first ever haul consisted of one of the Intense Velvet Lacquers but unfortunately, the neon pink hue of it really put me off and I wasn’t so sold on the formula either. I had only tried the MUA Luxe Lacquers then since matte lips weren’t such a massive trend. Compared to those, the MUR version just didn’t stack up. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | M O R P H E M A T T E S I N G L E S*

Morphe Brushes Single Matte Eyeshadow review w/Swatches


A year ago, yes a year, don’t judge, I ordered four Morphe single shadows along with my Jaclyn Hill palette and some brushes. I had heard that the singles were much better quality than the ones found in the palettes (not including the Jaclyn one because that’s made of singles that have been put in a palette).

Individual shadows cost $2.26 from the US site or around £1.96 each from a UK seller. Don’t let the cost fool you…. We all tend to think that the cheaper something is, the worse it will be, but we’ve been proved wrong by some stellar brands like Sleek and Makeup Revolution. The Morphe mattes are high quality at Chinese Ebay prices lol.

Each shadow comes in its own sleeve protected by a foam hoop so the shadows don’t move around. I like this aspect of the packaging for added security. None of my shadows came damaged.  Continue reading

B E A U T Y | E Y E D U S T*

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust – 10 Swatches w/ Review


Pigmented pearlescent loose eyeshadows in 25 shades of vivid colour, 
there is an eye dust shade to suit everyone! Can be built up to intense 
bold colour and also a more subtle colour for the eyes.

With all the Makeup Revolution hype, you would think that pure pigments that only cost £1 (currently 50p in the sale, I think they’re being discontinued) would have been talked about a bit more! I’m so surprised when I look online that people never haul these or take advantage of the rockbottom price! I ordered these ones so long ago now but I do remember that I wanted to have a good representative range of colours and that’s what I got. Some bright, some neutral but all glorious and shimmery. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | F A T I H A’ S W O R L D M I N K L A S H E S*

Fatiha’s World 100% Mink Lashes Review


Many moons ago I picked up a couple of pairs of Fatiha’s World mink lashes a few days after they released. There were significant deals on at the time and for my first mink lashes between £12 and £15 sounded like a bargain.

The styles I purchased were (Normal) Angelina and Cyrine and together they cost £21.96 including delivery! I’ve searched and searched but I no longer see Angelina listed on the site and Fatiha has told me on Instagram that they have been discontinued. The closest to them are the Nancy lashes.

The lashes arrived two days after order in a very thick jiffy bag so the lashes weren’t damaged at all. I believe the lashes now come in a box. They also came in layers of tissue paper in a gorgeous maroon/purple shade not too dissimilar to the Charlotte Tilbury classic aubergine hue. Continue reading