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Fatiha’s World 100% Mink Lashes Review


Many moons ago I picked up a couple of pairs of Fatiha’s World mink lashes a few days after they released. There were significant deals on at the time and for my first mink lashes between £12 and £15 sounded like a bargain.

The styles I purchased were (Normal) Angelina and Cyrine and together they cost £21.96 including delivery! I’ve searched and searched but I no longer see Angelina listed on the site and Fatiha has told me on Instagram that they have been discontinued. The closest to them are the Nancy lashes.

The lashes arrived two days after order in a very thick jiffy bag so the lashes weren’t damaged at all. I believe the lashes now come in a box. They also came in layers of tissue paper in a gorgeous maroon/purple shade not too dissimilar to the Charlotte Tilbury classic aubergine hue.


The lashes were all named after Arabic and Lebanese women and singers to tie in with Fatiha’s style of tutorial as well as to differentiate them from lashes currently on the market. I must say that the names are absolutely lovely and when I tell people which lashes I’m wearing it really sounds sophisticated, much more so than “DW or 747S”.

Fatiha says that the mink versions are sourced fairly and without cruelty in the summer months when the hairs naturally shed. “The naturally fallen hairs are collected and cleaned so that they are hygienic to be used. The hairs are never exposed to harsh chemicals or dyes. The fluffy, glossy texture you see in the case is exactly how they would naturally look.” (Pixiwoo).

With proper care and removal of glue each pair can be worn up to twenty five times.


Cyrine | Mink - £12.99 Faux - £11.99


The Cyrine lashes are super light and fluttery. You can barely feel them on your eyes and they look very natural. These were my preferred lashes through the summer. I’ve worn them around ten times and they still look pretty much prefect! They do take a bit more care because they’re so fluttery but that extra time and effort is well worth it.

Here’s a picture of me wearing them:


If you want to see Cyrine in action, take a look at Pixiwoo using them here in a Film Noir tutorial. Or read their review here.

Angelina | £6.99 (At time of purchase)


The Angelina lashes are also very light but tapered and winged on the outer corners with more lashes on that end for a fanned out look. I originally went for these because they were relatively short and long lashes look very unnatural on me. The lashes sit nicely on the lid despite the band being fairly thick to accommodate the extra lashes on the ends. I didn’t need to trim them either.

The only difference between these lashes and the lashes you can now get from Fatiha is in packaging. The site was fairly new when I bought mine and mine were ordered through email and then via Paypal so the packaging has been stepped up since July. The plastic casing now comes in a purple sleeve or in a purple box. Both designs look lovely and the pretty pattern is in keeping with the glamorous lash names.

I would definitely recommended these lashes to anyone. Having had both pairs for over half a year now you really can’t go wrong with the quality and longevity. The styles are gorgeous and they really do make your eyes the focal point of any look whether you use a natural lash like Cyrine or one with a bit more drama like Angelina.


You can shop all of Fatiha's World Mink lashes here! There are many other 
gorgeous styles to choose from at really affordable prices!

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