B E A U T Y | E Y E D U S T*

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust – 10 Swatches w/ Review


Pigmented pearlescent loose eyeshadows in 25 shades of vivid colour, 
there is an eye dust shade to suit everyone! Can be built up to intense 
bold colour and also a more subtle colour for the eyes.

With all the Makeup Revolution hype, you would think that pure pigments that only cost £1 (currently 50p in the sale, I think they’re being discontinued) would have been talked about a bit more! I’m so surprised when I look online that people never haul these or take advantage of the rockbottom price! I ordered these ones so long ago now but I do remember that I wanted to have a good representative range of colours and that’s what I got. Some bright, some neutral but all glorious and shimmery.


These little gems are jam packed with saturated colour and add glamour to any look, natural, neutral, bold or sultry. These can be the main focus or incorporated into any makeup. The texture isn’t soft but it’s definitely very fine. Just don’t sneeze near them!

Swatches (Left → Right):
Supreme | Confront (1) | Allure | Affluent | Agonise | Grandeur 
| Confront (2?) | Shameful | Hysteria | Antic


As you can see, all of these colours are high impact and absolutely glorious. You can see the way they hit the light on my Instagram (I’m thinking of doing more swatch instvids of other products, what do you think?). Antic especially is a fantastic colour. It’s a black with silver and blue running through it.

Of course, these are a little messy and if you breathe too heavily near them they’ll make a mess of your vanity but, for the quality when they’re on and the wow factor, it’s completely worth a little dust getting here and there!

It seems like I’m far too late on this one as most of the colours have been removed from the Makeup Revolution site and what is left has been reduced to £0.50. You can however still find a handful of shades at Superdrug here for the original £1.00!

Sorry for the lateness on this one guys but here she is! I hope it’s useful to some. 🙂



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