B E A U T Y | M O R P H E M A T T E S I N G L E S*

Morphe Brushes Single Matte Eyeshadow review w/Swatches


A year ago, yes a year, don’t judge, I ordered four Morphe single shadows along with my Jaclyn Hill palette and some brushes. I had heard that the singles were much better quality than the ones found in the palettes (not including the Jaclyn one because that’s made of singles that have been put in a palette).

Individual shadows cost $2.26 from the US site or around £1.96 each from a UK seller. Don’t let the cost fool you…. We all tend to think that the cheaper something is, the worse it will be, but we’ve been proved wrong by some stellar brands like Sleek and Makeup Revolution. The Morphe mattes are high quality at Chinese Ebay prices lol.

Each shadow comes in its own sleeve protected by a foam hoop so the shadows don’t move around. I like this aspect of the packaging for added security. None of my shadows came damaged. 


morphebrushesmattesingles.jpgAs the JH palette had a whole bunch of warm and shimmery shades I decided to opt for mattes that were cool in addition. I went for 32 Sunflower, 35 Aquatic Earth, 37 Aloha and 41 B.A.M.

The plan for these colours is use as eyeliners and inner corner highlights. I saw ShaaanXO do a glorious look with yellow as the inner corner highlight and Instagram was full of neutral one shadow eyes with teal winged liner and blue mascara on the lower lash line. I thought these would work best for that purpose.


The shadows are slightly chalky but the pigment is definitely there without having to dip back in constantly. If you add a base like a Maybelline colour tattoo or white liner, the colour is beyond anything you could imagine. Everything be poppn’ with Morphe matte shadows.

After my initial disappointment with shipping, the quality of the shadows has gone some way to repairing the negative feelings I had about Morphe. Their customer service is still a bit sucky during busy periods but the shadows speak for themselves.

Luckily you can now get Morphe from BeautyBay with free two day tracked delivery on all orders over £15, from Beauty Chamber with standard delivery at £3.45 and from Cocktail Cosmetics at £3.95 for Royal Mail 24 Tracked Service. When I’m a bit more flush I’ll be ordering some brushes and palettes from all three sites as you cannot deny the quality of the shadows. I just need to let go of the bitterness concerning shipping.

Do you have any Morphe recommendations? What should I go for next?

9 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | M O R P H E M A T T E S I N G L E S*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I have a few palettes in mind for when I next order from a UK stockist and that’s one of them! – I have a couple but they’re not any of the hyped ones. Just a detail liner brush and a really fat shader. They’re nice for what they are but I’m sure Morphe has some much better ones that I need to try.

      Thanks for reading and commenting x

      Liked by 1 person

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      That was my thought exactly. I’m a sucker for yellow shadows. You know how I was saying I only had a couple of Inglot shadows? They’re both bright yellow hahaha. If i’m ever in a shop and can’t think of anything I really want I either go for a purple or yellow eyeshadow. I don’t know why. I now have so many!


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