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Beauty Crowd January Clearout – 50% off Mini Haul/ First Impressions

BEAUTYCROWDUKHAULTHUMB.jpgAn email pinged into my inbox one morning and half an hour later I had chosen some products from the Beauty Crowd January clearout. Everything on site was 50% off if your total was over £20. You also got free shipping over £20.

I tried  these products on Thursday and I am well and truly impressed by the quality for such a good price!

I initially had six products chosen but one was refunded because of problems with shipping quantities so I’m now without the LA Girl USA HD Pro Setting Powder 😦

What I did get however was….

L.A. Colors Mineral Blush - Spiced Rum | £3.95


This Mineral Blush from L.A. Color Cosmetics is suitable for all skin 
types with its lightweight, velvety texture that adds a natural flush of 
colour to your complexion. This nifty mineral blush even comes with a 
mirror and brush hidden in the base, making application easy no matter 
where you are.

I was on the hunt for a more “chocolate friendly” blush and if I’m honest, Spiced Rum just sounded so ethnic I knew it would be perfect haha. So far so good and i got plenty of compliments on this natural and complimentary tone. It’s also much more pigmented than the “mineral” label suggests. – Instant win. Bargain price. Next on my list: very Berry & Chai.

Jordana Complete Cover Foundation - Golden Caramel | £4.95


Complexion perfection in one easy to use, durable, water resistant and 
oil free package! Available in 12 different shades from Fair Beige to 
Mahogany, no matter what your skin tone that red carpet ready look is now 

I definitely ordered the wrong shade here, and i knew that when I ordered but the Toffee shade has too much red in it. What I wanted was a solid base for mixing and that’s what I got. The foundation is hella thick but when mixed with primer and a thinner foundation for colour, you get the perfect consistency of product. There are a good range of colours available so you wont have to mix if you find a good match but I love mixing so it’s great for me. – My mum also commented that my skin looked much much smoother which is a big win because she usually hates my makeup choices!

Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream - Honey | £3.95


When you really need to conceal rather than reveal, opt for this 
full-coverage camouflage cream. An ace at hiding stubborn imperfections 
like dark circles, age spots and scars, it’s waterproof, budge-proof and 
built to last. Think of it as peace of mind in a tiny, pocket-friendly 

I wasn’t really in need of a new concealer because i’m obsessed with the one in my House of GlamDolls base Wheel 2. I just didn’t want to use up my expensive concealer because the wheel costs £25. I opted for the Milani because i had seen Emily Noel review it on Youtube some time ago and she said it was a great one for complete coverage and camouflage. She wasn’t wrong there. You get absolute coverage and no noticeable creasing. I’ve been using this shade to highlight.

L.A. Colors 16 piece Eyeshadow Palette - Smokin' | £5.00


Mix up your makeup and introduce this 16pc Eyeshadow Palette from L.A. 
Colors into your collection. Whether you've been hunting high and low for 
the perfect everyday eyeshadow or you want to go crazy with colour, each 
of these two palettes has exactly what you've been looking for!

These shadows are very powdery but the colours are high impact and really interesting. I’ve always been a green eyeshadow fan and am drawn to all palettes with green so to have five variations in one palette is heaven to me. They look awesome paired with gold face highlights!

Absolute True Palette - Element | £5.95


Discover true colour with our specially designed eye palettes that 
feature shades that are curated to create a range of seamless eye looks 
for any occasion. Our shadows boast a buttery smooth, long-wearing 
formula that packs a punch of pigmentation that can easily be blended 
for natural definition, or packed on for dramatic smokey eyes.

I died. I legit died. The buttery-smooth claim is no lie. This formula is so unbelievably soft and easy to apply. If you like colours to show on the eye as they do in the pan then I promise this is what you want. I can just imagine the blue shade being an amazing eyeliner. I’m so excited to try. Review soon!

Even without the half price discount these products are ridiculously inexpensive for what they are. Obviously after such a big sale there’s pretty much nothing left in stock, but be sure to go to beautycrowd.com in a week or two when everything is back and you can find some gem products! Also, sign up to the newsletter in the meantime to be notified of discounts and promotions.


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