B E A U T Y | M A T T E B L U S H*

Makeup Revolution Matte Blush Swatches & Review | £3.00



Blends Beautifully for a natural, long lasting matte finish. Six shades to choose from.  Meet your new boyfriend: his name is Matte, and he’s here to make you blush.

bloglineToday I’m reviewing three of the fabulous Makeup Revolution Matte Blushes. I have Nude, Fusion and New Rules. These are the three darkest and three warmest colours. There are three paler pink/purple shades that are cool toned with a white/blue base, all priced at £3.00 each (£2.00 currently in the sale!). You can find them here.

The formula of the blush is very soft and smooth to the touch so they diffuse on the cheeks beautifully but at the same time, they do kick up a bit of product in the pan. The pan is huge though and you get 8g for £3.00. (A full size MAC blush is 6g for comparison). Having said that, I suggest you use a fluffy brush or one that has long and freely moving bristles. If you use a brush that is too dense, no matter how much you blend, the colour will stay put once it’s there! Don’t let the nude hues fool you. These blushes are high impact!


Nude is a classic beige/brown nude, Fusion is similar but with hints of pink and coral. New Rules is a deep strawberry with lots of red and orange.


Nude and Fusion are my most used for day to day. Fusion especially since it has just enough colour to act as a soft blush/contour. They’re the kind of colours you can wear with anything, to any occasion. Yes, that was a Bridgette Jones quote. New Rules on the other hand, doesn’t get as much use as I thought it would. I originally bought it thinking that it would be the only one to show up on dark skin and that I’d probably end up using the other two for blending harsh eyeshadow lines. It actually turns out that New Rules is so pigmented that even the smallest tap gets amazing pigment. But even then, it’s a bit too much for me. It’s straight colour. It looks lovely mixed equally with one of the others but it will definitely end up in a clown situation if you’re too heavy handed.


These are the definitely a must have product from Makeup Revolution. You can’t beat the quality and the price. Grab yours in the sale for £2.00 each, here!

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