M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | U N I C O R N S*

Makeup Revolution Monday – Unicorns Unite Palette Review w/ Swatches – £6.00


Calling all Unicorns! Unite and change the world with your own legendary 
Made with the help of “Real” Unicorns in our Enchanted Magical Makeup 
Containing 18 shades - 12 Shimmer and 6 Matte, in a sleek and 
professional palette with full size mirror.

This week’s palette is the Unicorn’s Unite palette!  I bought this some time ago a few days after its release when there was a 3for2 on palettes but for some reason, I’ve never gotten around to using it. When I grabbed it out of my palette stash the other day I’d barely even swatched it. That is so unusual for me but maybe it’s a sign of my palette collection problem that I’m now not even realising I have untouched and unused gems hidden away! So anyway, It’s about time we took a look at it!  Continue reading


M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | M E R M A I D S*

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Review w/ Swatches | £8.00


With our palette you can create looks that must come only from Folklore! 
The Mermaids came ashore to bring us their aquatic beauty in this 
mesmerising palette. Containing 32 shades in our ultra professional 
formulation, with our huge mirror.

A while back Makeup Revolution ran a 3for2 on all palettes so I snapped up all of the ones I was interested in that didn’t have at the time. That included this glorious palette, Mermaids Forever, a collection of bright and vibrant metallic shades that come in the most beautiful coloured box! At the time makeup Geek were coming out with a whole heap of metallic foiled shadows and I really wanted to see if Makeup Revolution had anything similar combined all in one. i have many a fabulous sophisticated shimmer from MUR but I felt I was lacking some gorgeous bright pops that really packed a punch! I think I’ve found that here in the Mermaids Forever palette.

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H A U L | SU P E R D R U G*

Mini Superdrug Haul – February 2016


So I started taking the bus from uni instead of standing in the freezing cold waiting for a tram to the station and realised that the Superdrug that stocks Freedom was now on my bus route. I went in specifically to buy the Brow Pomade and ended up getting a few bits to make myself feel better about uni fees. I know, I know, logic. Spending money because you’re upset you have no money. I’ll be poor but I’ll have nice eyebrows. They might get me a job 😂 Haha.

Of course I went straight to Freedom’s display and was happy to see that my favourite Glycolic Glow Tonic was stocked there. I didn’t buy any but it was just good to know I could find it physically in a shop now when I run out. I was a bit bummed to see that the Lengthening Mascara wasn’t there. In fact, no mascaras were. There wasn’t even a space for them. I’ll just have to order that when I next go online. 

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M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | D R E A M S*

Makeup Revolution Monday – Iconic Dreams Review w/Swatches | £4.00 £3.00


We have been dreaming of our most stunning palette yet! Complete your dreams and your collection, and experiment more with the simply stunning Iconic Dreams. Beautiful bare looks now get more extravagant with greens, bronze and golden shades. Our now iconic Redemption palettes deliver the most amazing performance eyeshadows at the most affordable price.

bloglineRoll up guys and dolls, this week’s palette is a beaute! Twelve absolutely gorgeous shades in brown, green and gold that would make Emily Noel jump for joy! (YouTube her, she loves these kinds of shades). Makeup Revolution added this gem of a palette to the Redemption/Iconic line some time ago but the difference in the quality of shades to this and one or two of the earlier offerings is astounding. Continue reading

Y O U T U B E M A D E M E D O I T | #4 N I V E P O S T S H A V E B A L M*

YouTube Made Me Do It – Nivea For Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm Review | £5.29


Formulated with Chamomile and Vitamin E the gentle Post Shave Balm: 
Helps calm & soothe the skin, helps to prevent irritation and alleviates 
skin dryness after shaving.

I really do dislike a bandwagon but I may have to bite my tongue here, and take back everything I’ve said in the past about this specific new trend being a fad that people only go along with because Nikkie said so…

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Nivea Men Sensitive post Shave Balm as a primer. Nikkie Tutorials discussed how she had been in need of moisturiser, grabbed the nearest thing, her boyfriend’s shave balm and just gone with it. She saw some fab results because the main ingredient is glycerin which creates a tacky base! Most makeup primers or sprays such as Fix+ contain glycerin for this reason. Since then everyone has been using it and I just wrote it off as another one of those things that YouTubers say they love just to get more views. You know? So I’m at the train station and as usual when waiting for a train I nip into Superdrug. I see nothing I really want so I just grab a Lilt and head to pay. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the shave balm and it’s reduced. Down £2.00 to £3.52. I don’t know how, I just ended up buying it….. And off it came with me to BlogHQ where I’ve been putting it to the test. Continue reading

M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | G O R G E O U S*

Makeup Revolution Monday I ♡ Makeup Theme Palette You’re Gorgeous Review w/Swatches |£8.99 £5.99


What a perfect excuse for a collection palette? Palettes that exist 
just for being a collection of shades that we HEART? 32 shades that 
cause an emotion in all of us! 10 super mattes. 22 super shimmers. 
ALL super soft and pigmented.

Originally I received this palette as part of one of MUR’s amazing online deals. I had had my eye on it for a long time but my placement OCD refused to let me buy something that had pans facing different directions. I mentioned in my haul that it gave me goosebumps then and still when I use it, I get those same goosebumps. But the shadows are far too pretty not to want to use the You’re Gorgeous palette just because of some funky pan placement.

As soon as the palette arrived I actually went for it over the things I had  bought and immediately kicked myself because the you’re Gorgeous palette is an absolute stunner. Why did I not just buy it sooner?! Gahhhh! It is so underrated in the MUR world and I don’t know why because, well, keep reading and you’ll find out why…. ↓↓

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B E A U T Y | S P I C E D R U M*

LA Colors Mineral Blush – Spiced Rum Review w/Swatch – £3.95


This Mineral Blush from L.A. Color Cosmetics is suitable for all skin 
types with its lightweight, velvety texture that adds a natural flush of 
colour to your complexion. This nifty mineral blush even comes with a 
mirror and brush hidden in the base, making application easy no matter 
where you are.

So during the Beauty Crowd January Sale I did a little haul and decided to try out a new blush after seeing a few people say some good stuff about LA Colors. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised when my parcel arrived and the blush, what’s the first thing I went for. Continue reading

M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | S A L T E D C A R A M E L*

Makeup Revolution Monday I ♥ Makeup I ♥ Chocolate – Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Review w/Swatches | £7.99


There is no better combination than these 16 shimmer and matte addictive 
shades From delicious nudes to tempting pinks to bring you salt and sweet 
at the same time.

I think it’s time we talked about this, don’t you? I mean, just look at the pictures; you can already tell that this palette is going to be fantastic quality!

This palette is marketed as another one of Makeup revolution’s awesome dupes. The Too Faced Semi-Sweet retails for a whopping £39.00 but why pay so much for what is ultimately just a name? MUR has in my opinion, better packaging, and in this case, a much better product all for £7.99!

So, the palette smells delicious and it took me a while to figure out what I was smelling until I was in Thorntons and then stupidly, it hit me….. it’s salted caramel chocolate ahahaha. How daft am I? I think I was stumped because I hadn’t smelt salted caramel in a long time. Continue reading