M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | S A L T E D C A R A M E L*

Makeup Revolution Monday I ♥ Makeup I ♥ Chocolate – Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel Review w/Swatches | £7.99


There is no better combination than these 16 shimmer and matte addictive 
shades From delicious nudes to tempting pinks to bring you salt and sweet 
at the same time.

I think it’s time we talked about this, don’t you? I mean, just look at the pictures; you can already tell that this palette is going to be fantastic quality!

This palette is marketed as another one of Makeup revolution’s awesome dupes. The Too Faced Semi-Sweet retails for a whopping £39.00 but why pay so much for what is ultimately just a name? MUR has in my opinion, better packaging, and in this case, a much better product all for £7.99!

So, the palette smells delicious and it took me a while to figure out what I was smelling until I was in Thorntons and then stupidly, it hit me….. it’s salted caramel chocolate ahahaha. How daft am I? I think I was stumped because I hadn’t smelt salted caramel in a long time.






Delicious | Tempt | Heavenly | Drizzle | Enjoy


They may not be the most exciting colours in the palette but these five are the most solid basics I’ve come across. You have your matte highlight or base colour to set that has just a hint of yellow in it, a black that’s blacker than black for lining and definition. You also get a really sweet and dusky pink that is lovely for everyday, plus two browns, one warm toned and one cool. I enjoy the warm for crease definition and the cool for brows.

Choc | Cake | Perfect | Crunch | Sweet | Fudge


On this row you get another, and slightly unnecessary brown. This one has slight burgundy undertones but on the eye, it’s all much of a muchness. The pink, Cake, as lovely as it is, it is very chunky. So much so that it crumbles in the pan and goes on the lid in chunks rather than smoothly like all of the others. It is good for the inner corner but trying to use this for a halo eye just ends with pink glitter fallout. Perfect is a very dusky brown that I like for both everyday shadow and for the front of my brows to blend them so they’re not so harsh. Crunch, the blue, is a stand out and is certainly one of the best in terms of formula. It’s very smooth. But Sweet is the smoothest of them all. And the colour! Oh, the colour. I had to retake my swatches so in the new pictures you can see how much I’ve used the shadow. I have very nearly hit pan. I use this more or less every day in the crease. It’s the kind of colour that brands know we love so they never make them as singles. They force us to buy palettes. Well, at £7.99 for all of these shadows, I’ll repurchase this palette as many times as I must until they make the Sweet single! Fudge has a very similar formula to Crunch and again, is lovely on the entire lid plus, the (surprising) copper undertone isn’t too in your face.

Salted | Caramel | Candy | Spoon | Yum!


This last row has some gems! Salted is my favourite, and is also my favourite shimmer shade! It’s brown, but it’s grey but it’s slightly pink with some mauve. It’s high impact shimmer but the colour is very sophisticated. It’s definitely one for an evening out! Caramel isn’t as caramel-y as caramel should be but at the same time, it’s a nice colour. Having so many similar browns at the same end of the palette I tend to only dip into it because I’ve forgotten which brown I’m actually using haha. I blame Too Faced for that though. They made the original. They could have put a mustard yellow/brown in on something but alas, maybe MUR will come out with a palette full of unusual colours? Please and thank you. Candy and Spoom have the same silky formula as Crunch and Salted but are very high impact. I only tend to use them when I want something very specific. Otherwise I use them as highlighters the same way I use Yum! with a very whispy fan brush.

At first I did think the colours were all a bit too similar in theme but you can find ways to use all of the colours.

I went for neutrals in one of my first looks with the palette. I used Salted on the lid, Sweet in the crease and a little bit of Choc on the outer corner. What do you think?

makeuprevolutionsaltedcaramel copy.jpg

If you like the look of this palette then you can purchase it here along 
with it's brother and sisters, Naked Chocolate, Pink Fizz, Death by 
Chocolate and I ♥ Chocolate.
Join me again next Monday for another Makeup Revolution review!

12 thoughts on “M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | S A L T E D C A R A M E L*

  1. Dorota Gornicka says:

    I love how different the swatches look on your delicious caramel skin tone !! (I’m forever jealous here beautiful !!). Makes me laugh that we didn’t even discuss it and have the same product review on the same day lol 😉 Isn’t this palette gorgeous. i wasn’t too huge of a fan of Pink Fizz but I love the rest of the chocolate range and Salted Caramel now holds a precious first place with Death by Chocolate 🙂 Great review – love the pics xx

    Love, D x



    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      You’re making me blush Dorota! – I love the chocolate range too, they are my most used palettes and that’s saying something because I have hundreds! I find myself having to forcibly use other things now that I have them and use something else. – Thanks for reading! x


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