B E A U T Y | S P I C E D R U M*

LA Colors Mineral Blush – Spiced Rum Review w/Swatch – £3.95


This Mineral Blush from L.A. Color Cosmetics is suitable for all skin 
types with its lightweight, velvety texture that adds a natural flush of 
colour to your complexion. This nifty mineral blush even comes with a 
mirror and brush hidden in the base, making application easy no matter 
where you are.

So during the Beauty Crowd January Sale I did a little haul and decided to try out a new blush after seeing a few people say some good stuff about LA Colors. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised when my parcel arrived and the blush, what’s the first thing I went for.


I must say, I’m very happy with the colour. It could definitely be used as a shimmer bronzer for  anyone slightly darker than me, but as a blush, it’s very warm and subtle with an undertone that is as described; spiced rum. It’s just the perfect flattering, effortless blush. You do have to watch out a bit with application though. Despite the natural tones it is pigmented and you will just look like a bronze clown if you’re not careful with it!

The blush itself is a very soft it does not feel chalky like some blushes can. The mineral quality makes application quick and easy and for the price there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Having said that, I’m over the moon I got this half price in the sale! Tehehe. I’m so happy with the consistency that I hope to add a few more to my collection. I have my eye on Very Berry, Sunkissed and Chai. All three have warm brown undertones from tan to Burgundy.



To my surprise, the blush comes with a brush stored in a compartment underneath. The brush is soft but not the shape I enjoy for blush application. I have been using this for bronzer especially on the forehead and sometimes for contour, most often along the jaw line. It’s nice to brush is included and with the shape of the packaging the brush couldn’t have been any other shape so for that I can’t really complain.

I have both high and and low and blushes from MAC, Makeup Revolution, Sleek, Nars and this blush is up there in staying power and just general overall prettiness with some of my favourites from those brands. If you can get your hands on LA Colors Mineral Blush, I suggest you stock up on many of the colours that take your fancy. These are top-notch!

Shop the entire range here!

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