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Makeup Revolution Monday I ♡ Makeup Theme Palette You’re Gorgeous Review w/Swatches |£8.99 £5.99


What a perfect excuse for a collection palette? Palettes that exist 
just for being a collection of shades that we HEART? 32 shades that 
cause an emotion in all of us! 10 super mattes. 22 super shimmers. 
ALL super soft and pigmented.

Originally I received this palette as part of one of MUR’s amazing online deals. I had had my eye on it for a long time but my placement OCD refused to let me buy something that had pans facing different directions. I mentioned in my haul that it gave me goosebumps then and still when I use it, I get those same goosebumps. But the shadows are far too pretty not to want to use the You’re Gorgeous palette just because of some funky pan placement.

As soon as the palette arrived I actually went for it over the things I had  bought and immediately kicked myself because the you’re Gorgeous palette is an absolute stunner. Why did I not just buy it sooner?! Gahhhh! It is so underrated in the MUR world and I don’t know why because, well, keep reading and you’ll find out why…. ↓↓

The palette holds ten matte shadows across the top in romantic shades like lilac and brown. There are some good base shades and highlights plus your basic crease shades and “brow powders”. Many a time I’ve used the brown or the black as my only brow products and they’re perfect for the job. All of the shadows are soft with very little fallout but then again, you’re so used to hearing that said about MUR products that tbh, it goes without saying.

The shadows don’t have names which makes talking about them a little difficult but I just had to swatch the green one up close. Look at it! It is by far my favourite shadow. On its own, BAM, with liner and lashes BOOM BOOM POW! It is such an unusual shade that it brings out the colours in the rest of your makeup and it makes brown eyes really pop! As you can see from the finger swatches (which are just one pass in the pan), the mattes and the jewels are silky smooth and opaque.

The rest of the shadows have the same effect and there are no duds in terms of formula. I’ve swatched mattes and then the top row of shimmers followed by the bottom.


As you can see, the mattes swatch superbly. The jewel tone shadows are the gems but the mattes compliment them really nicely so you can create the perfect look. All you need is right here.

The top row of jewels is very bronze/pink in tone so it’s suitable for everyday glam. The colours are so rich it’s unreal. I love using these on their own, all over the lid with a flat shader. You cannot get a more satisfying shadow application than with this formula. They’re the kind of shadows that go on in one swipe, boom, you’re done, you’re gorgeous!

The second row of shimmers are my favourite because you get a few more colours. Having said that, those colours are soft and muted and again, the word romantic comes to mind. This palette needs no long discussions because what can be said for one can be said for all. The quality is top notch throughout the whole palette.

I did a quick look yesterday using the green on the inner half of the lid and one of the cranberry colours on the outer. I then used the lighter matte brown on the top row in the crease, added a thin winged liner and some Red Cherry 747s lashes. I repeated the colours on the lower lash line and used the muted pink (third on the bottom row next to green) for an inner corner highlight.

This is one of my absolute favourite palettes and it often gets taken with me on weekends away because despite it’s neutral tones, it’s very versatile and you can look glamorous with very little effort purely because of the sophistication of the colours.
If you liked the look of this palette, check out U R the Best Thing for 
more rosy hues or Fast Love for a mix of more colourful pops. All three 
palette's bar Fast Love (£2.99!) are currently reduced from £8.99 to £5.99 
so, go get yours now. → Shop here.

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