Y O U T U B E M A D E M E D O I T | #4 N I V E P O S T S H A V E B A L M*

YouTube Made Me Do It – Nivea For Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm Review | £5.29


Formulated with Chamomile and Vitamin E the gentle Post Shave Balm: 
Helps calm & soothe the skin, helps to prevent irritation and alleviates 
skin dryness after shaving.

I really do dislike a bandwagon but I may have to bite my tongue here, and take back everything I’ve said in the past about this specific new trend being a fad that people only go along with because Nikkie said so…

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Nivea Men Sensitive post Shave Balm as a primer. Nikkie Tutorials discussed how she had been in need of moisturiser, grabbed the nearest thing, her boyfriend’s shave balm and just gone with it. She saw some fab results because the main ingredient is glycerin which creates a tacky base! Most makeup primers or sprays such as Fix+ contain glycerin for this reason. Since then everyone has been using it and I just wrote it off as another one of those things that YouTubers say they love just to get more views. You know? So I’m at the train station and as usual when waiting for a train I nip into Superdrug. I see nothing I really want so I just grab a Lilt and head to pay. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the shave balm and it’s reduced. Down £2.00 to £3.52. I don’t know how, I just ended up buying it….. And off it came with me to BlogHQ where I’ve been putting it to the test.


I like the packaging because the bottle is glass and it’s just a lot sturdier. The cap is textured plastic so it does get quite grubby if you have any makeup on your hands. You can’t squeeze product out which may become an issue as you go through it but as far as it goes, the thick white glass is simple and appealing.

It doesn’t even look too masculine because the only colours are standard white and navy which is Nivea’s go to.


So I’ve sat down to do my makeup every morning this week and remember to first apply some of my new shave balm…. Of course, it does smell “manly” but it isn’t obnoxious or overpowering and it goes away in a few minutes. The balm is quite thin but it’s not quite a liquid. It’s not quite a gel either. It’s somewhere in between.

What I found was that on the face, this sits really nicely through the day and doesn’t make your foundation break up. But, if you have oily skin I’d avoid putting this on your nose. I had trouble getting foundation to do anything but move with both a makeup sponge and a flat top kabuki. My makeup also wore off quicker on my nose than anywhere else. I’ve worn at least three different foundations this week and the results are the same with each despite having three very different formulas.

Overall, I can’t deny it. This is a much more affordable and much more effective primer than many in my collection. Alone it works well but as part of my ordinary morning skincare with moisturisers it’s much better. This will not mattify but it will definitely smooth. If you’re on the market for something new, by all means, check this out!

Get yours here!



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