H A U L | SU P E R D R U G*

Mini Superdrug Haul – February 2016


So I started taking the bus from uni instead of standing in the freezing cold waiting for a tram to the station and realised that the Superdrug that stocks Freedom was now on my bus route. I went in specifically to buy the Brow Pomade and ended up getting a few bits to make myself feel better about uni fees. I know, I know, logic. Spending money because you’re upset you have no money. I’ll be poor but I’ll have nice eyebrows. They might get me a job 😂 Haha.

Of course I went straight to Freedom’s display and was happy to see that my favourite Glycolic Glow Tonic was stocked there. I didn’t buy any but it was just good to know I could find it physically in a shop now when I run out. I was a bit bummed to see that the Lengthening Mascara wasn’t there. In fact, no mascaras were. There wasn’t even a space for them. I’ll just have to order that when I next go online. 



Now the colour selection was sparse for brow products because of course, everyone loves brows right now but I managed to get the Brow Pomade in Granite (the darkest shade) and the Duo Brow Powder in Ebony. I’m testing them this week and will have a review of each up next week. So far though, the powder is very pigmented; I really didn’t expect it to show up so much from how it looks in the pan but I did have to back peddle and tidy up the annoying square brow I gave myself by loading the brush too much! The pomade is a new one for me because I’m not used to that kind of product. I thought I would need one of the dark brown shades because black usually makes me look like a drag queen but there’s just enough ashy grey for this to look very natural. 



My skin is responding well to the three layers of moisturiser I’ve started applying (talked about here). Originally it was just to make my foundation go on better but I’m noticing plumpness and general life back in my face so I got a new day moisturiser and night gel while they were on offer; reduced and also buy one get one free. It’ll take me a few weeks to see how these shape up but I’ll keep you posted in a skincare update post in the coming weeks. First impressions, the gel is lovely for overnight, isn’t greasy and smells delish. The day cream is quite emollient but thick and it won’t make you look shiny. It also sits nicely on the skin as well as being moisturising which is really needed in this icy weather! 


Keeping on the skincare, I tried the Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm a la Nikkie Tutorials. I’ve already done a full review here, but all I’ll say is that this is a great product for priming and also general skincare. i’ve been looking much healthier since adding this to my regime.


The Barry M Spring Nail collection launched recently too so I thought I’d nab some goodies as there was a buy on get one half price deal going. I opted for the Iron Mani, a protective basecoat that strengthens nails and the Speedy Quick Dry in Personal Best which is much more lilac than the pink in the bottle suggests. I’ve only used the Iron Mani for two weeks so can’t say too much about it’s treatment qualities but as a basecoat, it’s very nice. The Personal Best polish was true to it’s name and dried quickly, the colour is very pretty and feminine and if I wasn’t one for changing my nail colour weekly, I’m sure it would have lasted much longer than seven days.


Lat but not least, the Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo. This isn’t a new product to me, just a new fragrance. I usually use London (which I also bought), but decided to switch it up and try Monaco. The fragrance is really fresh and if you need a bit of oomf in flat or weighed down and greasy hair, then I definitely recommend the volumising formula.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little run down of purchases. Have a great 
day and happy blogging!

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