M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | M E R M A I D S*

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Review w/ Swatches | £8.00


With our palette you can create looks that must come only from Folklore! 
The Mermaids came ashore to bring us their aquatic beauty in this 
mesmerising palette. Containing 32 shades in our ultra professional 
formulation, with our huge mirror.

A while back Makeup Revolution ran a 3for2 on all palettes so I snapped up all of the ones I was interested in that didn’t have at the time. That included this glorious palette, Mermaids Forever, a collection of bright and vibrant metallic shades that come in the most beautiful coloured box! At the time makeup Geek were coming out with a whole heap of metallic foiled shadows and I really wanted to see if Makeup Revolution had anything similar combined all in one. i have many a fabulous sophisticated shimmer from MUR but I felt I was lacking some gorgeous bright pops that really packed a punch! I think I’ve found that here in the Mermaids Forever palette.



The lighter shades here in this palette have the least pigment which is unusual for MUR but if you dampen your brush, you can get them to really stand out. Each shadow, especially the darker ones, are smooth, not quite buttery but if you use a flat shader, they’ll apply to the lid in one swoop. If you then dampen the brush and pat them on, you’ll be blown away by the effect. The shades will show true to form on your lid and you’ll be able to create some really stand out makeup looks.

Forever | Bay | Myth | Song | Mermaids | Fishtail | Treasure | Imagine
Seashell | Creature | Magic | Urchin | Sea | Land | Kingdom | Harmony
Enchant | Starfish | Pretty | Princess | Waves | Turtle | Mineral | Prince
Future | Ariel | Pink Sea | Ocean | Splash | Undersea | Seabed | Whale

These are now swatched in columns, two at a time.





My most used colours in this palette are Creature and Starfish, the two orange shades as they’re great for crease work to add a little bit of colour, or on the inner half of the lid to offset a deeper colour on the outer. I even like creature as an under brow highlight. In terms of which colours are the overall standouts, for me personally it’s, Ariel (copper), Pink Sea (deep cranberry), Splash (grey toned purple), Turtle (olive green), Harmony (grey with purple/mauve undertones) and Prince, my absolute favourite (deep forest green).

In the swatches you can see the pretty shimmer that each shadow has. On the eyes, the shimmer will show up the same way depending on which method you use. While I don’t think you need a primer for any of these to look nice on, a tacky base or shadow primer will really make these look vibrant. Only be careful which colours you use, stick to clear, black or white or as I found when I used the purple/taupe Maybelline Colour Tattoo, the colour will distort which is no bueno.

I’m really happy with this palette and have added it to my “shop my stash” for the next few weeks so I can really get some more use out of it. I think that depsite the fact you have to work a bit with some of the colours to swatch them, the perform exactly how you would want them to on the eyes providing you prepare accordingly.

I’m afraid I couldn’t get any decent pictures this week, I’m really not a fan of the iphone for selfies :(.

For £8.00 this is an absolute steal. If you're looking to experiment with 
your everyday looks or are just starting as a makeup artist, these shadows 
will see you right. You can purchase Mermaids Forever, here.





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