M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | U N I C O R N S*

Makeup Revolution Monday – Unicorns Unite Palette Review w/ Swatches – £6.00


Calling all Unicorns! Unite and change the world with your own legendary 
Made with the help of “Real” Unicorns in our Enchanted Magical Makeup 
Containing 18 shades - 12 Shimmer and 6 Matte, in a sleek and 
professional palette with full size mirror.

This week’s palette is the Unicorn’s Unite palette!  I bought this some time ago a few days after its release when there was a 3for2 on palettes but for some reason, I’ve never gotten around to using it. When I grabbed it out of my palette stash the other day I’d barely even swatched it. That is so unusual for me but maybe it’s a sign of my palette collection problem that I’m now not even realising I have untouched and unused gems hidden away! So anyway, It’s about time we took a look at it! 


The palette has six mattes along the bottom and twelve shimmer shades. As with all of the salvation palettes, you also get a huge mirror, a double ended sponge applicator (used for swatches), a plastic overlay with shade names and all of this in a sleek black plastic case with rose gold lettering.

Now, silly me forgot to check if I had my product shots from last year when I bought this palette and proceeded to dive into the palette without having any pretty pictures. So I’ve done my best to tidy it up for you guys and I hope it doesn’t detract from the prettiness. After all, it’s the swatches and application that are the most important, and let me tell you, that’s all gooooood!

Legend | Grace | Medieval | Unicorn | Believe | Symbol
Spiral | Fortune | Fantasy | Beauty | Spiritual | Creature
Pure | Buttercup | Unite | Horn | Special | History


First things first, these are such Lauren colours. I’m a sucker for teals and purples and if I’m ever buying a liner that isn’t black or brown I’ll always go for one of those colours so having some nice shadows in those tones is great for me. As always with MUR shimmers, these are top notch. The pigment in some of them is unreal, especially Medieval and Beauty. I very rarely wear dark shadows all over the lid but these make me want to  get back to my gothic teenage years and cover my entire eye from brow to lower lash line in all of this dark goodness!

The formula of the shimmer is not smooth. They are quite chunky but the kind of chunky that is good not the kind that just clumps and falls off of your eyelid and makes a mess. These are the kind of chunky that force you to apply the colour as it is in the pan. You lose all of the integrity and glory of the shade if you attempt a sheer wash. If you’re a lover of shadows that pack a punch and aren’t scared to really go heavy with a lid look, then this is for you!

Now, I usually hate metallic pinks, like hot pinks with blue/ purple shimmer and you’ll know this if you’ve been reading my posts for a while but the shades Unicorn (pink) and Spiritual (mauve/pink/purple) are what I prefer when shimmer is used for pink hues. These have not a speck of blue in sight and are actually lovel on their own on the lid with winged liner.

The dark shimmers remind me of the redemption palette, Hot Smoked but these are even more pigmented! If you liked those, you’ll LOVE these.


I’m usually not too fussed about salvation mattes because they can lack pigment but these ones have some serious kick and the shades are just unusual enough to be really interesting on. For example Special, not something I would ordinarily use as a transition but the neutral tone adds that something that a standard brown can’t give! The other mattes are useful for highlight and definition and Unite is just the sweetest everyday pink. I almost wish I hadn’t started this series so I din’t have to swap palettes for this week and I’d be able to continue using this!

There are only two things that are “bad” that I have to say about this palette. One, the matte pans for some reason are very loose. That’s probabaly just a factory default on mine but I have noticed that the glue in some of the other pans is also very bulky so the pans sit up at an angle. I don’t have that with my other salvation palette’s so I’ll let it slide! The other thing is that these shadows generally blend well but with the darker shimmers, they blend a bit too well. In one of the looks below I’ve used Spiritual on the inner half of the lid and Beauty(dark teal/turquoise) on the outer. However, this shade blends out to black. So much so that my mum said that I looked like I had a black eye….. it really is a shame because the colour is absolutely glorious swatched. The next time I use it I’ll try it wet with the Aqua Prime & Seal and see if I can foil it to stop it losing the colour.

Here are a couple of looks from this week:

Spiritual & Beauty 


Unicorn, Horn & Special


Buttercup, Horn & Special


Really and truly I’m so surprised I haven’t used this as much as some of my other palettes but that’s the whole point of this series. To show you, and to remind me, how good the Makeup Revolution palettes really are. This palette is insanely beautiful and I’ll be wearing this palette out on the days I’m not testing the others for the series! I think the shades, both light and dark are suitable for spring as they’re really fresh and pretty. The dark ones can be used wet as liners or full force for vampy smokey eyes.

These shadows have an accompanying lipstick collection which you can see 
reviewed here plus a Mermaids vs Unicorns redemption palette for £4.00 
which you can purchase from here. Hope you enjoyed this week's review, 
get your Unicorns unite palette here! Plus a discount of 20% when you spend 
£30.00 with code NEWSLEAPYEAR.

11 thoughts on “M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | U N I C O R N S*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Thank you Kathy! Yeah I love this palette and it really is a winner for me. i have so many of their palettes that I’m really enjoying rediscovering them! I must be mad but I also just ordered a new one too. Hahaha! Thanks for reading xx


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