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Barry M Spring 2016 New Products - Review -Iron Mani and Speedy Quick Dry
(Personal Best) £3.99

Barry M launched their new spring line last month and in my last Superdrug haul I picked up the Iron Mani to strengthen my nails and a pretty pink/purple from the Speedy Quick Dry range in Personal Best.

Yet another new Barry M Super Hero, here to save your nails. Toughen up 
your nails as never before with Iron Mani! This basecoat and treatment 
works to strengthen, smooth and protect nails from breakage.

The Iron Mani works really well as a base coat and has made a noticeable difference to the colour of my natural nails. Now that they’re well protected underneath my polishes, they’re being nicely nourished and treated at the same time as looking fab with nice colours! As my nails have grown, in the short while I’ve been using this, they don’t bend as much, my polish doesn’t chip as much and my natural nails just look much less dull than they have been over the past few months since I last cut them right down. Thumbs up for Iron Mani.

NEW Speedy Nail Paint dries at lightning speed for a perfect mani in 
seconds. With an innovative new flat brush for an even easier 
application, a more precise finish can be achieved in just 2 quick 

The Speedy Quick Dry formula does what it says on the tin. It dries much quicker than a more gel type formula and these are much more like a traditional nail polish in that they’re fast drying. The best thing is that they’re very thick but still dry in rapid time. You don’t actually need two coats but you may as well since you can get two done in the same time as it would ordinarily take for one to dry. The colour selection in also super pretty!


Get your Barry M from Superdrug, Boots, (some) Topshop Stores and Barry M 

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