F E B R U A R Y F A V O U R I T E S*

February 2016 Favourite Products

february favourites 2016 thumb.jpg

I haven’t done a favourites in a very long time but I was really loving these products so I’ve come to share. They’re all super affordable but really high quality. Enjoy xx

Impulse Charli XCX Vanilla Kisses | £1.99

charli xcx vanilla kisses impulse.jpg

A feminine floral heart of whiteflowers with an intriguing oriental base 
of vanilla melt in a musky and sensual scent. Created to spread 
spontaneous kisses all around you. Spray it anywhere and inspire someone 

This was a one off purchase in Superdrug while passing time before a film but the vanilla scent is gorgeous. It’s kind of milky and sweet. Quite different from my usual fragrance favourites but definitely one to try out while it’s half price if you’re into sweet scents.

Freedom Pro Lengthen Mascara | £2.00

freedom lengthening mascara.jpg

Pro Lengthen Mascara creates length and definition with every stroke. 
Defines, Separates and Lengthens.

I rant and rave about this mascara it’s probably getting old. the formula is quite wet but pretty much jet black. The bristles on the brush get quite loaded with product but it doesn’t get messy. I have short lashes and wet formulas usually get all over my lid and under my eyes but this doesn’t. it just lengthens as its supposed to and really defines your eyes. My only gripe is that you can’t get it in Superdrug so you have to order online and pay delivery. Bit annoying when you only want £2.00 mascara and nothing else in your order.

MUA Paintbox Sugar & Spice Palette | £4.00

mua sugar and spice palette.jpg

Limited Edition Personalised Paint-Box! A multi-shade compact compiled 
of matte & gloss lipstick that can be worn alone or mixed for an 
individual tone, ultimate ease on-the-go!

I saw this o MUA’s Instagram with a  model wearing the pink shade. I usually hate lip palettes because the product is usually waxy and cheap but these are surprisingly good quality and the colours work with any eye look. They don’t dominate the face, they’re just super pretty. Having them in a palette also makes you more likely to mix and combine colours so every time I use this (which is every day for the last week and a half), i’ve had a different combo!

Wilko Premium Powder Brush | £4.00

wilko powder brush.jpg

Our powder brush is a make-up bag must-have. It's a large, fluffy brush 
with soft bristles that bevel to a slight point for application under 
the eyes and around the nose and face. Designed for use with both loose
and pressed powders. 100% synthetic hair. Hand wash only.

I saw my friend with this brush years and years ago and every time I get down to a Wilko, the brush is sold out. I just happened to be in there a few weeks ago and they had one left so I snapped it up. The brush is ridiculously soft and helps you distribute powder easily and quickly. You can dust the powder on or press it and get the same effect as if you had used a powder puff. Great investment for such a small price. I need a back up!

Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Salvation Palette | £6.00

makeup revolution unicorns unite palette.jpg

Calling all Unicorns! Unite and change the world with your own legendary
looks! Made with the help of “Real” Unicorns in our Enchanted Magical Makeup 
Forest.Containing 18 shades - 12 Shimmer and 6 Matte, in a sleek and 
professional palette with full size mirror.

I just did a review on this palette here and have rediscovered my love for it. The colour selection is pretty and girly. There are pinks and teals and purple that would be flattering on anyone! And of course, it’s Makeup Revolution so the shadow quality is supreme!

Superdrug Exfoliating Self-Heating Mask | £0.99 3for2

superdrug exfoliating apricot mask.jpg

Superdrug's Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask is brimming with all things 
nice! Relax and embrace the rich and comforting cinnamon and vanilla 
aromas, while the warming sensation helps to cleanse away impurities. 
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I love a face mask once a week as part of my skincare and usually like to change it up each week with so many different things. Once I had used this though, that variety went out of the window. The exfoliation is harsh, so if you’re not into that, and prefer something gentler this isn’t for you because the bamboo in it is very rough. Having said that your skin is ridiculously soft once you’ve used it and your skin looks very “new”. The scent s also quite nice and luckily, you can’t smell the cinnamon which I absolutely hate!

Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights - Glow | £.500

makeup revolution glow radiant lights.jpg

Radiance & light in a compact. Swoon at our new breathtaking NEW Radiant 
Lights Illuminating Baked Powders. Subtle shades to breathe illumination
and light in to the complexion. Baked to perfection our Radiant Lights 
will bring instant illumination to your skin or specific highlighting. 
Enclosed in a handbag friendly mirror compact and available in three 
stunning shades. Breathe, Exhale and Glow.

I have a stupid number of highlighters but you can rest assured that I always end up back at the radiant lights highlighters. They are absolutely glorious. The sheen is sophisticated and looks healthy not sparkly. You cannot go wrong with these. They’re so pretty, cheap as chips and you get a monstrous amount of product. I use this probably 8/10 and have barely even made a dent!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites! What are yours, add your blog links in 
the comments so i can take a look, I'm ill today and in need of something 
nice to read.

13 thoughts on “F E B R U A R Y F A V O U R I T E S*

  1. Dorota Gornicka says:

    I adore this powder brush – it’s so affordable and it works so well !! Biggest brush in my collection, had it for a long time and it never lost a bristle – not once !! Superb quality 🙂


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