M A K E U P | R O S E G O L D*

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick Collection Review w/Swatches | £3.00



Introducing our newest lipstick collection: Rose gold. 5 beautiful shades from nude to vamp, packaged in beautiful rose gold. Comfortable to wear, high coverage formula with buildable colour.

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Makeup Revolution have done it again and surprised us all with a whole host of new products dropped in the same week and I can only imagine there’s more on the way! Amongst the latest offerings are five rose gold lipstick bullets in iconic shades and packaging. You aren’t going to get weird and whacky colours like some of the other collections that they have on offer, the Rose Gold collection gives you red, nude, pink, berry and a vampy purple. These are your traditional lipstick shades and now you can get them in gorgeous packaging that will dress up your vanity even if you never want to use them and get them all fingerprinty!

makeup revolution rose gold.jpg

The packaging had social media weak at the knees. They’re most comparable to a Gerrard cosmetics bullet but these are much rosier. In terms of size, each bullet contains 3.2 grams of product. For comparison, the original Makeup Revolution Amazing lipsticks have 3.8g and are £2.00 cheaper. The Lip Geeks have a bigger bullet but the Iconic Pro and Rose Gold are the same size. The rose gold is a lovely addition to the lip bullets are look great.



Chauffeur | Girls Best Friend | Red Carpet | Diamond Life | Private Member’s Club


Chauffeur is a pink/brown based nude that is probabaly going to be the most sought after shade of the bunch. (It’s actually sold out online already). The colour is quite pigmented but looks pale on me. I have been using this as a centre of the lip highlight as I do with all nudes that are too pale for me so i have no complaints. The formula is very thick but can be streaky if you apply too much. It will just move around. You can probabaly see from the picture from the slight sheen that Chauffeur and Girls Best friend are emollient than the other three so do be careful when you use them. What I do is apply and then blot with a paper towel. If I want some sheen back I just add vaseline. It keeps the colour but without the slippy slidey type feeling.

Girls Best Friend is a fun and girly pink. It is very “Barbie” and I think would actually suit blondes the most. The texture of this as mentioned is very emollient but this is much more pigmented by nature of the colour so they overall effect is nicer than Chauffeur. Having said that, with any colour like this you’ll need a liner and keep looking out for pink smudges. That doesn’t detract from the fab colour and effect but again, be warned.

Red Carpet is the timeless and classic red lipstick. A great choice for traditional glam make up. This has the best payoff, effect, texture and wears the best on. I had no trouble at all with Red Carpet. The colour really is timeless. Makeup Revolution just do reds perfectly! If you want a reliable red that wont smudge or budge, then go for Red Carpet.

Berries and purples are always going to be troublesome if they aren’t straight matte and these two are no exception. I’m not disappointed with these because the colours are gorgeous and really are the kind of thing I go for but I have to be honest, the pigment is lacking. These are more like a balm. I don’t waste product so I use colours to mix with others; make a lilac or pink darker add a bit of oompf to a very flat nude etc. The swatches above show two passes on skin but on the lips they move about a lot. Surprisingly they applied better before I exfoliated my lips and there was still some texture. On really smooth lips the colour looks very washed out. Like I said though, you can get a lot of use out of these in other ways.

I was originally going to say that all of these lipsticks were sheer but buildable. Having actually used them now I can say that each formula is different. None of them take any “effort” to wear but you may have to tweak things here and there to make sure the lippy works best for you. The best thing of course is the packaging. I will get use out of the actual lipsticks, Chauffeur and Red Carpet in particular but I feel like a big more could have gone into the formula. Considering they are essentially Iconic Pro lipsticks in snazzier packaging, the quality should have transferred over too.


If you’re interested in these lip colours for the product or even for the packaging itself, then you can purchase them here for £3.00 each!

16 thoughts on “M A K E U P | R O S E G O L D*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      You know, you’re the first person I’ve seen say that. Although I do get what you mean. I’m a sucker for having everything uniform and you can do that with a traditional sleek black bullet. The Rose Gold is definitely more of a decoration type thing. – Thanks for reading xx


  1. niccliff187 says:

    Hi Lauren I like the chauffeur shade it looks nice not sure about the other those I really like the packaging to. The new freedom 2 palette looks really nice I haven’t seen it in person but it looks good.


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